Month: March 2017

Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s Casa Umami Burger

Back in 2001 I interviewed Jenny Crawford Malouf, the mother of supermodel, fashion icon and businesswoman Cindy Crawford. Known as part of the “Silver Foxes,” a group of celebrity parents, Malouf along with Sal Pacino (Al Pacino’s father) and Nikki Robbins (motivational speaker Tony Robbins’ mother) worked together on a few “Silver Foxes” lifestyle videos. Malouf shared with me how Cindy rose to be one of the highest paid models in the world. Born and raised in DeKalb, Illinois, her first professional cover on a magazine was during her junior year in high school. Soon after she competed for the Elite Model...

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Most Popular Recipes by State

When you think Texas, do you think cookies? Or how about Washington, does fried chicken come to mind? It turns out the states of America are quickly learning the recipes of foods you wouldn’t normally associate them with. Google Trends provides this unique insight into our internet browsing habits. By searching a specific word or term (in this case “recipe”), we discovered the most popular recipe per US state. We’ve produced a map that hones in on what people were googling to get making in the kitchen. Do they reflect true to what you’ve attempted to cook in the...

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Mobile Hotel Booking Trends Report by Sojern and Google

Sojern partnered with Google on an interactive report looking at new trends in the hotel world. Here is the infographic and some findings: Mobile is Now the Dominant Channel for Hotel Searches with over 53% share of US search volume. In economy, that’s 73% of all searches, compared with 53% for upscale and 45% for luxury hotels. Mobile Search Is Growing Fastest for Luxury Hotels: 23% in share of mobile searches, compared with 19% for upscale hotels and 14% for economy hotel brands. Mobile Bookings Spike on Weekends- peaking at 14% on Sundays. Last Minute Search and Bookings: 58% of...

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13 Simple Cooking Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Everyone has their own approach to cooking. Maybe you like to keep it simple, or perhaps you like to try something more adventurous once in a while. But whatever your standard as a cook, it only takes one little mistake to ruin a meal. How can you ensure your efforts in the kitchen are the success they should be? We’ve all had that feeling: After hours slaving over a hot stove, carefully following the recipe, you present your family with a picturesque plateful of steaming food. But when they bite into it, the look on their face tells another...

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McEvoy Ranch Launches New Program for Corporate and Special Events

McEvoy Ranch, one of the largest U.S. producers of estate-grown, certified organic extra virgin olive oil, has launched a new program, welcoming outside companies and groups to host corporate and special events for the first time ever. The 550-acre ranch set in the rolling hills of Marin County offers six unique and customizable indoor and outdoor venues providing the perfect backdrop for rustic country weddings, social events, and corporate meetings.  Guests can also choose from a variety of unique breakout activities including hosted wine and olive oil tastings; yoga; cooking classes; hiking; bird watching; aromatherapy, wreath-making, and floral arrangement...

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