Month: July 2017

Mayberry Meets Manhattan in Bentonville, Arkansas

Share: Telling friends and family I was going to Bentonville, Arkansas, was, based on their reactions, akin to informing them I was going to Siberia. I received baffled looks, followed by questions like, “Why?” “Whatever for?”–and my favorite, “You’re doing this on purpose?” I tried explaining the reasons for my trip: the primary one being to visit the renowned Crystal Bridges Museum, but still the confusion and puzzlement persisted. I admit Arkansas had never been one of those must-go-to destinations for me, most likely because I didn’t know much about our country’s 25th state. I envisioned the place to...

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Enter New Jersey Sandcastle Contest July 12

Share: Making castles in the sand has always been a fun part of a trip to Jersey Shore beaches. Some talented sand sculptors have raised that past time to an art. On July 12, amateurs and professionals alike can show their talent at the 18th Avenue Beach in Belmar, during the 31st Annual NJ Sandcastle Contest. In addition to the contest, there will be games, dancing, music and prizes. This perfect family event is free and is open to sandcastle artists of all ages. Judging is based on originality, creativity, resourcefulness and accessories. Participants are encouraged to use environmentally friendly materials when building...

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Jamaica Offers Pampering Resort Wellness and Retreats with Local Flavor

Share: With palm ferns rustling in the wind, the hypnotic sound of lapping waves and balmy ocean breezes to chase away the heavy, hot air, Jamaica is like a Hollywood stage set for wellness. The only challenge is to script and cast your perfect escape. Jamaica offers pampering resort wellness and retreats with local flavor.  Resort-Hopping If you like your Namaste to come with added niceties, then a resort wellness getaway featuring pampering and Pranayama is the way to go. I start my island wellness tour at one of Negril’s newest properties, The Cliff Hotel. As the name suggests,...

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A Treasure Map of the UK

Share: By Matthew Bridson Buried treasure is an adventurer’s dream. It’s the stuff of pirate stories, tropical islands, and sunken ships. It often feels as though this treasure will be buried beneath a palm tree in some far-off clime. However, it may surprise you to learn just how many glittering troves have been discovered in the enchanted earth of Great Britain. Just look at the Staffordshire Gold Hoard. Over 5,000 kilos of gold and a thousand kilos of silver were discovered by a modern-day treasure hunter with a metal detector. The precious metals had been used to create weapons...

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A traveler’s guide to using Google Maps

Share: Taking a trip can be great fun, but it’s a lot less stressful when you’re well organized. The seasoned traveler knows it’s best to gather maps and lists of places in advance – but also what a hassle this can be. How can you plan a detailed trip without organizing all the fun out of it? Thanks to the magic of handheld devices and Google Maps, it’s possible to collate all the information you need and keep it to hand. For example, you can pin your hotel and other must-see places to your own Google map, and share...

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