Day: August 24, 2017

Manufacture Royale ADN

Manufacture Royale marks a new era with the introduction of the ADN. Combining their iconic design with a new more contemporary aesthetic, the Manufacture Royale ADN collection emerges in stunning evolution. At the center of it all is Manufacture Royale’s ninth calibre—the MR09—designed, built, and assembled in their workshops located in Vallorbe, Switzerland. Featuring a flying tourbillon, the resolutely modern skeleton movement displays two independent time zones, each set right to the minute. Impressive as it is ingenious, the local time is indicated by a jumping-aperture disc that reveals the time as it jumps from one hour to the...

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Staying in a Mansion in Cusco, Peru

Just two blocks from Cusco, Peru’s historic Plaza de Armas is a 16th century mansion that once belonged to the city’s mayor, Don Domingo de Artaza, from 1573-74. Built in the colonial architectural style, the estate was the essence of luxury and comfort. His granddaughter sold the home in 1618 to Alonso Perez de Villarejo, a priest from the Cusco Cathedral. In 1980 the mansion became a National Historical Heritage site, and now the Aranwa Boutique Hotel chain runs the property. While maintaining the integrity of the structure, they also take care of numerous museum pieces, including historic paintings,...

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