Month: August 2017

Heavenly Hallways: Decor Tips to Transform Your Corridor

Share: Hallways are typically the most narrow, cramped spaces in our homes, making them difficult to design without crossing that fine line between stylish and cluttered. However, with so many cool furniture shops around, especially online, it’s easy to become enamored with everything we see and to make endless small purchases. Some people go the opposite direction and forget to style their hallways at all, leaving them bare and blank in a way that doesn’t quite match the aesthetic of the rest of their house. If you’re struggling with getting your hallway designed to your specifications, here are a...

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Interview Exclusive: Living Your Best Life with Dr. Mylaine Riobe

Share: We sat down with Dr. Mylaine Riobe, a Board Certified Medical Doctor with over 15 years of experience and the Director of the Riobe Institute of Integrative Medicine. The author of two books, has a passion for medicine and health, so we asked Dr. Riobe on her tips for living your best life.​ How did you become involved in medicine? I grew up in a “medical” family.  My mom is a nurse and my dad is a dentist.  My grandparents all worked in hospitals, so I was always surrounded by medicine in some way.  My grandmothers introduced me...

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Achieving Healthier Skin with DerMend

Share: As a child I didn’t like the word “immature.” Now as an adult woman, I’m trying to get used to the word “mature.” I’ve noticed as I get older, my skin is getting thinner, developing some darker spots and bruises more easily. After a scare with a pre-melanoma on my leg, I scan my skin often and visit my dermatologist once a year. Recently, I’ve noticed some dry patches, fine lines and a few dark spots. Looking in the mirror, sometimes I’m not  happy with the direction my skin is heading–not only on my face, but on my...

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Shoes, Comfortable Shoes

Share: There are so many beautiful shoes available, but they are not all comfortable and certainly not all attractive on large feet. I fall into the large old feet category. I take good care of my feet, but there really is nothing I can do about the size 10.5. So, when I find well-made shoes that are attractive and comfortable, I am happy. This summer I came across two companies: Charleston Shoe Co. and Arcopedico. They each reach a different market. (At Luxe Beat Magazine we do test the products we review, so the information we give is as...

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Jura 10: A Unique Island Whisky

Share: Jura 10​, an Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the first release in Jura’s new core line for the U.S., arrived on the market this past spring, and judging from the taste and price, it should do well here. I found Jura 10 to be a smooth, light, delicious and well-balanced scotch with strong vanilla and caramel notes. Just lovely, with a delicate finish. Easy to drink straight or with ice/water. For me, this makes Jura 10 an excellent value–easily competitive with scotch that costs two, perhaps even three times more. Produced by one of the oldest distilleries in...

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