Day: October 3, 2017

How Companies can Improve the Checkout Process

Share: If you have a website on which people can checkout and pay for items, then you may be seeing many consumers abandoning their basket before this is complete. The problem with the payment process can come in at any point, we’re here to tell you how you can improve this process to get a higher rate of checkouts. Allow a Guest Check Out We don’t always want to register for an account to check out and complete our transaction, especially for a quick fashion deal. Offering users the option to check out as a guest, instead of divulging...

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Elevate Your Vacation to New Levels with a Heli-Hiking Adventure

Share: He seemed like such a nice guy. That was the group’s initial impression of our hiking guide, Paul, a mellow, Canuck with a wry sense of humor. He appeared calm and assuring as he gathered us around to talk about our first hike of the day. Moments before, the helicopter had gently set us down in front of Howser Towers, an impressive set of peaks in the Bugaboos, a range within the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia. The name “Bugaboo” actually means a hoax in Old English. Story has it that when folks came up here looking for...

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