Author: Debbie Stone

Experience the WOW Factor of Sweetwater County, Wyoming

My goal was not to fall in — especially so close to the dock where a group of curious onlookers attentively watched my stand-up paddle-boarding attempts on the lake at Red Canyon Lodge. It was a make-or-break moment as I rose up from my knees, first to an awkward squatting position and then slowly to full extension. I was shaking as I stood on the board, legs quivering like jelly and hands clenched in white knuckle fashion around the paddle. Then I began to move, trying to remember to retain a slight bend in my knees, to keep eyes...

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Cloudcroft, NM: 9,000 Feet Above Stress Level

If things go bump in the night during your stay at The Lodge Resort & Spa, not to worry. It’s most likely Rebecca, the friendly and mischievous ghost that wanders the hall of this historic hotel in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. In these parts, she’s a popular legend, whose tale is one of passion, betrayal and unrequited love. A beautiful young chambermaid with striking blue eyes and long red tresses, Rebecca mysteriously disappeared from her quarters after her jealous and enraged lumberjack boyfriend found her in the arms of another. That was a century ago, yet there are those who...

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Star-studded Swiss Cities of Lausanne and Montreux

It’s hard to imagine what a noted British poet, a famous film actor, a celebrated French fashion designer and the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen could possibly have in common. Yet each of them – Lord Byron, Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel and Freddie Mercury – all resided, at one point in their lives, in and around the French-speaking region of Lausanne and Montreux, Switzerland. After visiting this vibrant and alluring locale, I understand why these celebs and so many others have chosen to call it home. Lausanne’s allure is widespread, from its glorious location on Lake Geneva...

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