Author: Lillian Africano

Fall Spa Week: Buy a Luxurious Spa Getaway for $50

During Fall Spa Week — October 12-18 — hundreds of spas nationwide will offer $50 treatments valued between $100 and $500. Visit the website, and after you give your state or a zip code, you’ll see a list of participating spas and the treatments offered. Most of the participants will be day spas. But why settle for a bargain facial or massage when could get much more? Look for a a resort or hotel spa, for these are likely to have full-service spas. If you find one within easy reach, you can have a real getaway with a steam...

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A Cruise Vacation can be a Healthy Vacation

Yes, that’s right: A cruise vacation can be a healthy vacation. Sure, a generation or so ago, a cruise vacation was often an excuse to drink too much and overeat, not only during breakfast, lunch and dinner — but also at the legendary midnight buffets. Today’s health-conscious traveler will find it easy to eat well (and deliciously) on a cruise and drink fine wines, without overindulging. Exercise options onboard can be fun and there is enough to do so there is little risk of eating out of boredom. Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) recently listed the following 12 reasons why taking...

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CityPASS: Luxury Two Ways

Everyone loves a bargain. CityPASS is a genuine bargain, a book of admission tickets to major tourist attractions with savings of up to 50% compared to the combined regular box office prices. But even better: CityPASS ticket holders have the luxury of saving time and the convenience by  skipping ticket lines (no matter how long they are) and heading straight for the entrance of whatever attraction they’re visiting. Some years ago, I became a hero to my family when we used my New York CityPASS booklets to visit the American Museum of Natural history during a school holiday period....

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EUROPA 2: Luxury My Way

While there is no shortage of luxurious ships sailing the oceans of the world, they are not all the same. What they may have in common are spacious and comfortable staterooms with verandas or balconies and full bathrooms; high-end amenities; excellent food; fine spas and fitness centers and exceptional service. Where they differ? Personality. And that can be the difference that elevates luxury to its highest level. Many passengers love the luxury ships that have a very formal personality, reflected by Captain’s receptions, fixed meal times and assigned tables, formal cocktail parties and similar events. My wish list doesn’t...

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The American Queen: Ruling America’s Rivers

Riverboats have been part of American history since the 19th century, when they carried both cargo and passengers along the country’s great rivers: the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Columbia and Sacramento. As depicted in the 1951 movie Showboat, they even brought entertainment and gambling to towns along the Mississippi. As with every “Golden Age”, that of the riverboats came to an end, thanks to competition from the railroads, commercial barges, the rise of the automobile – and finally, WWI and the Great Depression. Reviving that great tradition: The American Queen. She was born in 1995, the biggest river steamboat...

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