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Just Spices a Dash of Deliciousness

Let’s face it: for many people, buying spices feels as mundane as buying socks, a slightly annoying chore that brings little to no joy into your life. And once spices are in the cupboard, they tend to stay there gathering dust. With a mission to change that perception, transform how we think about spices, and show the huge difference that they can make, Germany-based Just Spices brings a delicious new approach to American shores, with 20 organic spice blends and two everyday essentials, available exclusively through its website, A spice trip around the world Just Spices has gained throngs of enthusiastic...

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Luxury Barware

Entertain in style with barware from Nachtmann. Nachtmann’s colored Highland Tumblers are ideal for whisky aficionados, design buffs and cocktail enthusiasts. The Nachtmann Muse series of wine glasses brings mid-century elegance to Olympian heights through Greco-golden glamour. The Highland colored tumblers come in Smoke, Aqua, Amber and Reseda (green), each featuring a different cut-crystal pattern. Packaged individually, they make great hostess gifts and can be mixed and matched, or collected by color to fit the occasion or personality of the lucky recipient: green for the avant-garde, smoke for the classic minimalist, and amber for the mid-century modern classic. Available...

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Ocean and River Cruises: What’s Trending With Consumers

CruiseCompete has released its CruiseTrends™ report for the month of March 2017. This report is sponsored by © EyeforTravel Ltd. It reads: We have mined our wealth of data to provide information on the most popular cruise trends among consumers, including the top ships, lines and travel dates for premium, luxury and river cruising. The CruiseTrends™ report for March 2017 is detailed below. To see more topics and data, please visit CruiseCompete’ s pressroom or click here to see the entire March 2017 report. Most Popular Cruise Lines (Based on the total number of quote requests for each cruise line in the given month) 1. Premium/Contemporary: Carnival Cruise Lines...

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Namaste at a Dude Ranch

Whereas it used to be a time to simply kick back and relax, many of today’s travelers are using vacations as a time to continue their normal health and fitness routines, or perhaps even try something new. Yoga, in particular, has never been more popular: since 2012, the number of practitioners in the U.S. has increased by 50 percent to over 36 million. More and more people are realizing the benefits of yoga, which range from stress relief to flexibility to overall well-being. Whether you are one of the 80 Americans that say they are likely to try yoga...

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Hotels vs. Homes – New Choices for the Affluent Traveler

From the environs to the service, travelers trust that a luxury hotel will meet (and exceed) expectation. On the flip side, fear of the unknown can prevent the well-heeled from exploring the vacation home rental process. Enter InvitedHome, a vacation rental business that has placed enormous emphasis – and designed safeguards – to protect the guest experience. This is an important point of differentiation for savvy travelers, with InvitedHome’s operations crafted by a former Four Seasons executive. Whether staying in a Colorado ski chalet or a beachfront Santa Barbara estate, travelers can trust that the quality of the home...

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