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Most Handsome Cities in the United States, the nation’s premier resource for men’s grooming products and advice, set out to determine which U.S. city was currently home to the country’s most handsome men. “We’re in the business of making men more handsome and as we grow, it’s important for us to keep abreast of how men throughout the country prioritize good grooming,” said Founder and CEO Mike Gilman. just released the results from their 2017 research and here are the major markets in order of most handsome men: 1. Seattle, WA 2. San Francisco, CA 3. Portland, OR 4. Denver, CO 5. Washington,...

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20 Extreme Adventures to Experience

To really get the most out of your precious time here on planet earth, you have to travel, experience, push yourself and even take the occasional risk. We evaluated some of the greatest thrill seeking activities from around the world. How many do you dare to attempt? Here is an infographic that features the World’s Most Extreme Adventures, some of which include: In Leon, Nicaragua, you can hurtle down the side of an active volcano, surfing the cooled lava on a custom made board. In Macau, China, adventure seekers can partake in the World’s Highest Bungee reaching a speed...

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Alternative Grills Trend Report

Courtesy of the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet media relations team Traditional gas and charcoal grills have been backyard mainstays for decades. But now, many homeowners are becoming more sophisticated in their outdoor cooking. And they’re looking for products that allow for more cooking versatility. That is, appliances that enable more authentic flavors and new techniques. They want real smoky flavors. They want to experiment with different types of heat. They want to perform authentic cooking techniques. And they’re doing it with ‘alternative grills’. Now is the time when many of your readers are looking to add these products to their...

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Wine & Food Pairing Guide: Unusual Must-Try Couplings

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just enjoy a spontaneous glass or two, pairing food and wine is always an important part to appreciating a decent wine. Here is an infographic illustrating suggestions by Julien Miquel from the Best New Wine Blog of 2015, Social Vignerons, with the 15 Most Unusual Wine & Food Pairings. There are definitely a few couplings that will delightfully surprise you! Some of the combinations include: Beaujolas Gamay with a Mexican-inspired bowl of chips, accompanied with guacamole, proves to be a perfect fiesta pairing. The creamy and buttery taste of a Chardonnay pairs perfectly with...

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Nine Wine-centric Voyages offered by SeaDream in 2018

Continuing its commitment to and enhancing the superbly established level of award-winning culinary experiences, SeaDream Yacht Club announces nine Wine Voyages for the 2018 season. Showcasing the most picturesque yachting ports of the Mediterranean, and Caribbean for 2018, on five-to-ten day sailings, each itinerary pairs the ultimate wine experience with the regions’ most scenic backdrops. Whether a seasoned wine connoisseur or new to learning about and liking wine, these voyages are a perfect occasion for developing a passion and knowledge of wine and cuisine. Guests onboard these vino-centric sailings will explore the flavors and history from some of the...

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