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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

Share: There’s an odd-looking building in South Mumbai in India that looks like it’s under construction, only that it’s finished and furnished. And by how much. Called the Antilia, after mythical island in the Atlantic, the building is famous not for its odd structures of extra high ceilings and protruding floors; it’s the second most expensive house today at $1 billion. Barring the Buckingham Palace, which is valued at $1.55 billion, it would have been our most expensive house in our list, as has named it in 2014. In fact, Forbes cited that it’s the first house (other...

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Cellar Door Social: Selling Wine Online

Share: Originally published on The Lead with permission from the author, Rebecca Dolan. A wine lover might like their white wine dry – but when it comes to marketing that wine, social media engagement should be anything but. A study by marketing researcher Rebecca Dolan from the University of Adelaide’s business school shows the best way to succeed at social is to treat customers like old friends. “With wine brands it’s easy to be a bit more light-hearted. It’s quite a social product so it’s easy to put that across on social media,” Dolan says. The key to engaging...

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Matcha Inspired Cocktails: The Revamped Martini

Share: To kick off the New Year, we have cocktail recipes inspired by the trending ingredient for 2014 and 2015 called Matcha. These two hip revamped Martini’s are brought to you by Aiya, one of the biggest producers and distributors of the versatile green powder, with the help of OneMartini, a popular blog. Matcha is a perfect ingredient to revamp your cold weather cocktails. These recipes are sure to be delicious for a cold winter’s night in. Green Monk Serves 1 Ingredients: 1-1/2 ounces gin 3/4 ounce ginger honey syrup* 1/2 ounce fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice 1/4 ounce...

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Cocktail Hotspots in NYC

Share: Whether you want to hear it or not, here’s the cold hard truth – winter is upon us and keeping warm when a chill is in the air is a must. What better way to heat up during a cold winter night than with a warm cocktail. New York City is booming with cocktail hotspots and we have the scoop on where the best hot toddies can be found.  Here’s a list of venues throughout NYC, serving up warm concoctions to get you through another season of polar vortexes. Cloud Social Cloud Social at nyma, the New York...

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Healthy Recipes from Fitness Guru Denise Austin

Share: Denise Austin is a well known fitness specialist who has sold more than 24 million exercise videos and DVDs and authored 12 books on fitness. She also starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television. Denise has a zest for life, positive outlook, and a can-do attitude that shows through the work she does. A top-selling author and highly sought-after speaker and TV personality, Denise has a great motivational quality that makes you feel like she’s your best friend, cheering you on as you work to become a happier, healthier person. Denise is now...

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