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Fashion From the Ground Up

For the professional on the go, selecting an ensemble that will take you from day to evening is inevitably a consideration. When I open my closet in the morning, the first thing I look at are my shoes. I like to build my outfit from the ground up. If the shoes don’t feel right, it doesn’t matter how designer the rest of the look is, something will feel off. Standing 5’4” in bare feet, heels are a must, but lately my eyes have been drawn to a more comfortable foot covering that has been walking up and down the...

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Pop Art Myths

This summer, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is presenting Pop Art Myths, the first exhibition on this subject in Madrid since Pop Art at the Museo Reina Sofía in 1992. More than twenty years later, the exhibition’s curator Paloma Alarcó, Head of Modern Painting at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, will offer a reassessment of this artistic trend from a 21st-century viewpoint. Featuring more than 100 works ranging from pioneering British Pop Art to the classic American version and its expansion into Europe, the exhibition aims to trace the shared sources of international Pop Art and to undertake a revision of the myths...

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The Benefits of Hypnosis for Wellness

By Colin Christopher For people in chronic pain or who have long-term emotional, mental, or addiction issues, hypnosis may not be the first therapeutic option that springs to mind. As one of the least known treatments, hypnosis is still thought of by many as merely parlour tricks and dismissed by some as quackery when it comes to any potential for actual healing. That perception is slowly changing, as more education gets out and more high profile celebrities use hypnosis for a wide variety of ailments. A recent example was when Princess Kate Middleton used it to overcome a food...

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Finding Lucas

by Samantha Stroh Bailey CHAPTER THREE “Leah? Katie? Rach?” I call after opening the front door that my trusting family never locks. Wait until their precious crystals and enema paraphernalia get swiped. “Jamie? Is that you?” Leah trills from upstairs. “Yeah, I’m home.” Leah glides downstairs with the same grace and elegance she’s always had. My mom is ethereal. There’s no other word more precise. Tall and willowy, her once blond hair is now silver and tied in a long braid that falls to the middle of her back. She’s wearing her favorite pale blue gauzy skirt (the one...

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Bohemian Spirit During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

MASAN SS15 Presents An Ethically Urban Homage To The Freedom of The Nomadic, Bohemian Spirit During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin An abandoned ice-rink with a live performance of Dante Alighieri’s work was the dramatic setting for the 4th successive season of the Award Winning high fashion, vegan brand UMASAN for their SS15 show, where the blending of genders was not so much a political statement as an embracing of a unisex future. The collection is an ode to the wandering traveller, a nomadic bohemian spirit intrinsic to the UMASAN DNA. However this journey was a spiritual one, a journey...

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