Author: Maralyn D. Hill

Gogi’s Restaurant in Jacksonville, Oregon

Share: During October of 2008, I had the pleasure of discovering Gogi’s Restaurant in Jacksonville, Oregon, while on a trip with my late husband Norm and dear friend Brenda Hill. It is almost ten years later and Gogi’s is still thriving. Two brothers, chef Gabriel Murphy who runs the kitchen and Jonoah Murphy who runs the front of the house including the bar, own this successful establishment that continues to please its customers. Gogi’s is located at the foot of the lovely Britt Gardens. The Murphy brothers pride themselves on using local organic products whenever possible, with much of it...

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Psagot’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 – A Harmonious Discovery

Share: When thinking of wine regions of the world, Israel is not necessarily at the top of my list and that is my oversight. As I’ve discovered the Israeli wines are emerging quite well in today’s market and none more so than those from Psagot’s Winery, founded in 2003 by Yaakov Berg. Psagot’s Winery produces eight different wines including single vineyards designates and range in price from around $18 to $65. By 2013, production had increased to 200,000 bottles with a large amount being exported to countries around the world in search of good award winning kosher wine. The...

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USA Wins the 30th Bocuse d’Or

Share: Thirty years ago in 1987, Paul Bocuse created what is considered to be the most prestigious cooking competition in the world. There are twenty-four countries that are fortunate to make it to participate in the grand finale of the Bocuse d’Or, which is at the heart of the Sirha trade exhibition. These young chefs are some of the most promising in the world and experiencing two days of intense competition. They had to first earn their qualifications via various continental events (Bocuse d’Or Europe, Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific and Bocuse d’Or Latin America), individual qualifications, or attributed one...

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Are you Forgetting Your Lips? Simple Tips to Beautify Your Lips

Share: Some people tend to concentrate on certain areas of their face like their eyes or skin, but the lips are sometimes overlooked. Some put a little lipstick on their lips, but the fact is that lips matter. America’s interest in lips seems to be growing, which some have linked to the social media boom. The following are just a few tricks to help make those lips pop. Tips to Beautify Your Lips To take care of your lips, you will need a little knowledge. For example, lips do not have oil glands, which means that the protective layer to fight...

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Sam Zien, Sam the Cooking Guy

Share: You’ll not find Sam Zien, known as “Sam the Cooking Guy,” cooking in a restaurant or local pub. Instead, you are more apt to discover him when flipping through the channels on TV. This fourteen-time Emmy winner is a firm believer in “food that is big in taste and small in effort.” He’s the guy who shows you the easy way to cook and who provides tips. Unlike the majority of chefs I’ve interviewed, Sam did not know at an early age that he wanted to cook. As you read my interview with him, you may be surprised...

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