Author: Renee Phillips

Experiencing New Beginnings Through Art

“It all begins when the soul would have its way with you.” ~ Emerson Every minute of every day is an opportunity to release the past and to renew our faith and dreams. Our inspiration for renewal often comes from the help of artists who raise our awareness and motivate us to see the world around us with a new pair of eyes. As Director of Manhattan Arts International, I was curious to see different artists’ interpretations of the concept of new beginnings. So in September, 2014, I announced a call to artists for a “New Beginnings” juried online...

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Munch: Van Gogh — Exhibition at The Van Gogh Museum

Ask any artist or art enthusiast to name their favorite artists and invariably Vincent van Gogh will spring to mind. As an art student I was enthralled by his life and inspired by his artistic contributions. In spite of his lack of career success during his lifetime, he is viewed as one of the most influential Post-Impressionist artists to have laid the foundation of modern art. Vincent van Gogh’s legacy lives on at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam where he continues to have a prominent impact on the world. The museum achieves its mission to make the...

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Four Artists Convey the Power of the Human Spirit

In art it requires enormous discipline and many years of practice to master the human form. It is not enough to replicate the figure; it is important for artists to evoke thoughts and emotions — to transform viewers — through their art. Artists Rose Adare, Bren Sibilsky, Joanne St-Cyr and Frantisek Strouhal accomplish these tasks. In their own unique styles,  they convey powerful expressions about the human spirit. They have also acquired international recognition, honors and awards for their work. Rose Adare Rose Adare is a Classical Realist painter who currently lives in Hawaii. Her oil paintings on Belgium...

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Elke Daemmrich: Winner of A Luxe Beat Magazine Award

Elke Daemmrich creates dynamic, colorful paintings in addition to detailed engravings that celebrate the magnificence of the natural world. Sherrie Wilkolaski recently selected Daemmrich to win one of three Luxe Beat Magazine Awards among the 43 finalists in the Manhattan Arts International juried competition: “The Healing Power of ART”. The purpose of this online exhibition is to reward artistic excellence to artists worldwide for art that serves as a catalyst for healing. About the exhibition Wilkolaski stated: “The impact of art on the healing process is very well documented and yet so underutilized. It is all about creating awareness. These...

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Bringing Hope to Hospital Patients: The Foundation for Photo/Art

There is growing scientific evidence which confirms that certain types of art, such as soothing nature images, can actually reduce pain, anxiety and stress. Based on this knowledge an increasing number of hospitals are decorating their walls with art as a way to enhance the well-being and recovery process of their patients. Elaine Poggi is an extraordinary nature photographer who lives in Italy. I first met her when I served as a juror for the annual Manhattan Arts International “The Healing Power of Art” exhibition and selected one of her exuberant floral photographs for the exhibition. The artist, who...

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