Author: Susan Lanier-Graham

Champagnes of Dom Caudron: Bringing New Life to the Champagne Tradition

During a visit to the Champagne region of France while speaking at the International Wine Tourism Conference, I discovered some fabulous small champagne houses. Most of them are open to the public for tastings and tours. Some of them export products to the U.S. or around Europe. One of the champagne houses I found most intriguing was Dom Caudron. The house hopes to have its champagnes available in international markets soon, but this is definitely one to visit during your next visit to France. History of Dom Caudron Dom Caudron covers more than 320 acres in France’s Marne Valley. Back in...

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Cassis Monna and Filles: Black Currant Wines of Québec

Crème de cassis, a sweet red liqueur made from black currants, has traditionally been a Burgundy specialty. Popular throughout Europe for use in cocktails and as an after-dinner liqueur, as well as the favorite drink of Agatha Christie’s fictional detective Hercule Poirot, crème de cassis is also quite popular in Québec. On a recent visit to Île d’Orléans, an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River just a few minutes from downtown Québec City, I discovered Cassis Monna & Filles, a boutique liquoriste that makes the crème de cassis along with three aperitif black currant wines and...

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Luxe Layovers: PHL

Remember the days when the thought of an airport layover brought shudders and a sense of dread? Today’s airports are breaking out of that mold — and breaking all the old rules — to offer bespoke services to modern travelers. From luxury lounges, modern spas and art museums, to wine bars, gourmet restaurants and markets filled with fresh produce, airports around the world are revolutionizing the travel experience. Discover a new place each month for your next luxe layover. Philadelphia International Airport: PHL PHL—Philadelphia International Airport—opened in 1940 as Philadelphia Municipal Airport with just four carriers. Today, PHL is owned and...

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Lula Cellars Offers Exclusive Limited Production Wines

Lula Cellars is an exclusive, limited production winery in Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley. I sat down this past fall with long-time winemaker Jeff Hansen and sampled some of his wines. I discovered surprisingly complex wines, an idyllic setting and a passionate winemaker. About Lula Cellars Hansen has been in the wine business a long time—nearly 30 years—and says growing grapes and making wine is in his blood. After all those years in the hectic wine industry of Napa Valley, it is clear that Lula Cellars and Mendocino County are now Hansen’s passions. The wines at Lula Cellars (named after his maternal...

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