Omni La Costa Champions & Legends Golf Courses in Carlsbad, CA

Prioritizing $10 million is a delicate undertaking for golf architects looking to get maximum bang for their buck. When handed the reins to an Omni La Costa redesign in Carlsbad, CA, architects Damian Pascuzzo, Steve Pate, and Jeff Brauer knew they first needed to pay homage to a golf course legacy linked to some of the most storied names in golf.

Omni La Costa 18th hole

While adhering to La Costa’s trademark nuances dating back almost 50 years, the Omni La Costa of today looks as fresh as newly mowed Bermuda grass on a spectacular Southern California morning. Omni La Costa’s dramatic facelift is immediately evident upon walking beyond the Pro Shop and out to the Legends Lawn. A 180-degree view emerges from this far-reaching vantage point. Nearly everything you need to know about the Omni La Costa renovation is revealed when no less than eight golf holes are showcased from a single landing spot.

La Costa Legends Course

“Our owners wanted members and guests to experience a view that not only stops you dead in your tracks, but will bring you back to La Costa again and again,” Superintendent Steve Auckland said. From left to right, one witnesses the La Costa bell tower, the pool area, the Diversions Restaurant outdoor seating, and to the south, a wondrous expanse of both the Champions and Legends course back nines.

Millions into Gold
Edge Pool at Omni La Costa

One of the changes that members realize but first time visitors would not, is that Omni La Costa’s $10 million dollar investment also includes drainage upgrades, the latest in turf technology, and a subtle buildup of low lying areas. These improvements have made La Costa’s Superintendent and a legion of golfers very happy. “It never rains in Southern California, but when it does, our 6-feet above sea-level terrain had a hard time recovering from soggy conditions,” Auckland said. Over 3,000 dump trucks of sand, more generous tee boxes, and deft contouring of greens, have translated into a new La Costa that is revitalized in appearance, condition, and personality.

La Costa Legends Lawn

The Omni La Costa upgrades don’t just apply to the Champions and Legends courses. La Costa’s Pro Shop is now one of the finest on the entire West Coast. Combine all these enhancements with a spa, rated number one in the nation, and you’ll see why Golf Magazine christened Omni La Costa as Southern California’s only 2012 Gold Medal Resort.

La Costa: Can You Feel It?
Gold Medal Resort

With a renewed energy pumping daily life into La Costa’s 400 luxurious acres, can a return to hosting events on the PGA and LPGA tours be far behind? When asked if La Costa will begin adding new names to a storied winners’ circle that features Nicklaus, Woods, Mickelson, Player, and Watson, Pascuzzo replied, “Our Omni owners are already involved with the Champions Tour. The La Costa courses are definitely tour ready,” Pascuzzo said.

Thirty miles north of San Diego, golfers are feeling a tremor that has nothing to do with Southern California earthquakes. Omni La Costa’s Champions and Legends’ golf courses are back. La Costa doesn’t just feel like a million dollars, it feels like $10 million.

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