Everyone deserves a luxurious car, and it can provide more value than you may think. Here are several reasons you should consider getting one yourself.

Tired of driving an old car? Embarrassed by the rust and scratches on your beater?

It may be time for you to upgrade to a luxurious car. Instead of considering how expensive they are, consider how much money they can save you and all the reasons you deserve to drive in something classy.

Here are the top ten reasons you should buy a luxury car (beware: they’re very convincing).

  1. Newer Cars Are Safer

If you want to stay safe on the road, then new car features like park assist, autonomous emergency braking, and lane assist will help. Most new luxury cars come standard with these features to keep you safe on the road.

They also come with Bluetooth enabled systems, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and not on your phone. Send texts, get directions, and draft emails, all through voice-to-text and the Bluetooth in the vehicle. And keep yourself and others safe because your car does it for you.

Most of the time these cars perform better in crash tests, too. Lincoln, Alfa Romeo, Audi, and BMW were all in the top ten safest cars of 2019.

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  1. Prevent Theft

While push-button start on a vehicle makes some people nervous, it’s actually safer. You never have to pull your keys out of your purse or pocket, which makes them less of a target for a thief. There’s no key for thieves to copy, and the mechanical steering-column lock isn’t there anymore.

  1. Your Luxurious Car Is More You

Your car should reflect your personality. The inner you definitely isn’t an old beater destined for the junkyard. Think about how you see yourself and find a car that mirrors the real you.

Whether that’s a coupe, an SUV, or a sedan, choose something that helps you feel genuine. Color can play a big part in that, too, so look at all the available hues before you pick the right luxury car to reflect your style.

  1. Cheaper Used Than a Regular New Car

If you buy a used luxury car, it’s likely going to be cheaper than any regular new car you buy off the lot. Even if you have to get a few repairs done, you’ll pay less. Plus, it will be more reliable than regular cars of the same age, because it’s much higher quality.

  1. It Gives You Confidence

You always feel a little self-conscious in an older model vehicle. You tell yourself it shouldn’t matter what people think But secretly you know every squeak and groan of the car, from the creak when the passenger door opens to the mouse-like sound of the brakes when it rains.

Instead of being embarrassed, you can drive a luxury car that has everyone drooling and wanting to be you. Then they’ll be the ones trying to coach themselves to believe it doesn’t matter what people think.

  1. VIP Perks

If you own a luxury vehicle, you’re in the club. Did you know that many brands have VIP perks that come with the purchase of one of their cars?

You can get special tickets at auto shows. They have a special lounge at the dealership. They have concierge services.

You even get benefits and bonus offers with loyalty points, signature scents, and tailored spa spaces, designed to make sure you don’t fear the dealership any longer. You may even find dining perks and travel extras, depending on the brand of car you choose.

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  1. More Testing

These cars often get resold when wealthy owners are done with them, after only a few years. That means that most of the time, luxury cars aren’t driven by the upper echelon. Instead, in particular, if they’re a few years old, these brands show up as family vehicles, more expensive Uber hires and regular, Joe Daily drivers.

So they test luxury brands more than normal brands like Honda and Toyota. In the development process, manufacturers subject these vehicles to every test imaginable. This translates to nicer, more intricate details and better durability for you (whether you buy the luxury car new or used).

  1. Junk Yards Need Your Old Beater

Scrap car buyers wouldn’t pay a premium price for old cars if it wasn’t worth something to them. You may think they have enough heaps of old metal in their yards, but they actually deal quite a bit with good parts off non-working cars.

The more models they have, the more options they have for their customers who need a fuel pump, or a replacement door, or a myriad of other parts for their older vehicles. When you scrap your junk car, you’re contributing to the economy.

  1. Luxury Cars Provide Assistance

While they don’t break down very often, occasionally you’ll hit something or have car trouble through no fault of the car. And luxury brands know that you have a schedule and a life and can’t stop because of inconvenience.

Ask about their roadside assistance programs when you shop for your luxury car. It’s probable they’ll provide a loaner vehicle while yours is getting repaired, plus they may even come to you to perform the service. You’ll get the help you need when you go with a luxury vehicle.

  1. Entertainment

If you spend a lot of time on the road, then you need more options when it comes to entertainment on the highway. Instead of playing the alphabet game or looking for license plates from every state, ride in style with in-headrest TV screens and state-of-the-art audio features.

A New Ride

You may be thinking about creating a new image for yourself. Or you may just want a smoother ride with fewer problems. Whether you’re considering a luxurious car for its reliability or style, you can’t go wrong.

Transform your image and the quality of your time on the road when you buy a luxury car for your next vehicle.

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