There are many reasons to love the Great British pub: good beer, silly jokes and comforting snacks. Our favourite establishments have been graced by the presence of many famous faces over the years. Well-known names have stopped for refreshments, whilst others used pubs as a setting for planning their devious schemes.

The Star Tavern in Belgravia, London, is one such place. The gang behind the Great Train Robbery used to meet here while planning their daring heist. It seems they were as attracted by the pub’s semi-glamorous clienteleas by the privacy! Lucien Freud, Diana Dors, and Bing Crosby were among the Tavern’s most renowned visitors.

History reaches back even further at the 900-year old Skirrid Mountain Inn, near Abergavenny in Wales. The pub has doubled as a law court and even as a gallows across its dark history, as well as being the place that Owain Glyndŵr roused some of his troops to face the English in the 15th century. Like so many pubs in the British Isles, it’s believed to be haunted.

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Just try to drink responsibly – you don’t want to forget your history lesson in the morning!


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