What’s classier than having a beautifully rendered portrait of yourself? Naysayers might call a portrait “ostentatious” or “narcissistic,” but is it really more so than posting your selfies all over the World Wide Web? Not at all. A portrait says, “I am amazing. I am unique. I believe in myself. I love myself.” And a portrait makes for a beautiful piece of home décor.

Nowadays, most people have their portraits done via a professional photographer. But a portrait doesn’t have to be limited to photography. There are so many unique ways to capture your image. Here are 3 classy portraits you can have done that will impress your friends and look marvelous in your home.


A painting is the traditional form of a portrait. A painted portrait is undoubtedly one of the most upscale ways to render your image. That’s because paintings are expensive. For one, all the materials cost quite a bit of money, namely the paint, the canvas, and the frame. But most of the costs go to hiring a quality artist to do the painting. Unlike photography, creating a painting is a time-consuming task and it requires a very high level of artistry.

How much should you pay an artist? It depends upon the scale of the work and your desired color palette. Remember that artists work for years perfecting their craft, and so you should expect the better artists to charge higher prices. Generally, a more experienced artist will create a much better painting.

But you should never select your artist just because they’re successful or charge high fees. You want your painting to be done in a style that you enjoy. Choose an artist who paints in a style and with colors that you like. Always thoroughly review an artist’s portfolio before you commission him or her to do a portrait of you.

Be patient. A good portrait will take some time, as the artist will create a few different sketches to determine the best possible composition. But you’ll be more than satisfied when it’s complete, and a painting ages like fine wine.

Kirlian Photography

A painting is a very traditional portrait, but let’s talk about an ultra-modern portrait: an aura photograph. Aura photos have become increasingly popular in spiritual communities worldwide. It’s quirky and it’s different, but that’s what makes it a great portrait option.

What exactly is an aura? According to Eastern religious principles, an aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds your body. The color of your aura is linked to your emotional state and also to your personality traits. This comes from the same line of spiritualist thought as does meditation. Everyone has a unique aura. Kirlian photography takes photographs of one’s aura. You can use aura cameras to do this.

Whether or not you believe in this technology, aura photos are really beautiful and fun to take. You’ll have your own image captured, but it’ll be surrounded by a colorful interpreted energy field. You can blow up the photo and hang it on the wall, or you can frame it. It looks trippy and is sure to catch the attention of anyone who enters your home. What’s also great about an aura photo is that the aura colors surrounding your image will be wholly personalized. The aura camera technology uses intricate algorithms and sensors to create an aura interpretation that’s completely unique to your image.


A silhouette is another traditional kind of portrait. If you’re unfamiliar with what a silhouette portrait is, it’s a portrait that only captures your darkened silhouette. No details are captured; the only thing that’s drawn is the outline of your body, hair, and clothing. Typically, a silhouette is done in a side-view.


Silhouettes are great for a number of reasons. Many people think that the simplicity of a silhouette makes it more humble and also classier than a painting (the same qualities of a black and white photograph). The simplicity of a silhouette image makes it easier to blend into a variety of different home décor styles. Because there aren’t any details, a silhouette provides you with a “mysterious” or “enigmatic” interpretation of yourself, which many people enjoy.

Another great thing about a silhouette is that it’s less time-consuming to make, which also makes it less expensive than a painting.

How do you feel about each of these portrait mediums? Do any of them tickle your fancy? Do you despise any of them? Let us know in the comments!