We all dream of travelling all over the world and visiting places including those that we have never heard of. If you can afford a trip to any corner of the world, it can be a bit frustrating to determine which place to visit due to the many options available or you may be having. There are so many places that promise good times and adventurous experience but from your long list, here are four destinations that you should have.

Top four destinations that you must consider visiting.

1. Rwanda.

RwandaThis is another African country that is interesting to learn about. Rwanda is best known for housing some of the most massive gorillas in the whole world although the Gorillas are found on the border of Uganda and DRC Congo. Over time people have grown fond of this state due to the developments that have emerged since 1994. The land before did not have many native language speakers since it is not their first language, but now, some people can communicate fluently in English. This has made it easy for tourists to visit the state as they can easily be provided with tour guides. Note that you will not only get to enjoy the view of the gorillas while in Rwanda as there are other activities such as kayaking and outdoor cycling adventures.

2. A safari in Kenya and South Africa.


Kenya and South Africa are among the top African states that have the best places to view wild animals. They are mainly known for holding the big five animals which include elephants, Lions, and even rhino. The fun part is that you get the opportunity of seeing these animals at very close proximity since the tourists are taken around with safari cars. Therefore, if you have never seen a lion or a leopard closely, these are the right nations to visit in Africa. You don’t have to worry about spending too much in case you decide to visit both states since you can easily find cheap flights to Cape Town which will not cost you much.

3. Picos da Europa in Spain.

Picos da EuropaHave you ever heard of a mountain that exists but it is hidden from view? Well, Picos de Europa is a European center of attraction which attracts people from different countries around the globe. The area near the mountain has been upgraded with a newly built park which makes it even more fun to visit since you can access other activities and places too. The park has not been launched yet although it is scheduled to open in the following year officially. So, include this great state as an option for your summer vacation destination.

4. Hong Kong.

tee2tee / Pixabay

This is the perfect place to go if you want to have a relaxing vacation with your loved ones. Hong Kong has gradually grown since they now hold one of the largest hotels in the world. We cannot forget about their beautiful streets and culture which is quite attractive and exciting to learn about.

If you are looking for destinations that will offer you a different feeling, then these are the four top places to consider. You get the opportunity of viewing magnificent animals at a close distance and even taste their cultural delicacies too.