Scheduling a vacation can be a pain when you have to make sure it is okay for your employer and your work schedule. Many people would love the opportunity to get paid to travel and there are countless positions the require you to move around and explore. There’s nothing better than exploring other countries and cultures while earning money. To combine both work and play for travel junkies is the ultimate ideal lifestyle.

Working in offices and other confined environments can be frustrating for some as there is a need for change and movement for some people. Making a living in travel based careers can ignite a certain level of passion for your job and your overall happiness in life.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are the best positions for those who enjoy traveling and are content with standing for extended amounts of time and assisting others while on a plane. Depending on the airline, where you may travel to depends. Some foreign flights that travel across the world can become some flight attendants favorite way to explore other cultures. Most flight attendants, though, are required to start out in the United States before being allowed to work on longer flights to destinations like Japan, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

Being fluent in a foreign language is valued and demanded by airline hiring managers. The hours worked can fluctuate and attendants are susceptible to travel disadvantages such as jet lag. Most are rewarded with free or discounted flights and the opportunity to see many unique places on Earth.

Locum Tenens

The need for medicine and its practice skyrockets as the volumes of patients increase.  Travel is a major reason why healthcare professionals choose a locum tenens lifestyle. The position allows healthcare professionals to fill in vacancies caused by sicknesses, shortages, and the influx of patients and assist other colleagues in their work environments. From physician based careers and emergency medicine careers to informational careers, the demand for medical employees has no geological boundaries.

Freedom of choosing how much you work and where gives medical professionals the time and opportunity to travel on their own as well. This is career choice is often considered by those who want to retire but also want to continue to work and those who simply enjoy traveling while working.

Au Pair

Becoming an Au Pair is the ideal career choice for someone young and wanting to travel. Usually sought out to help with household duties and childcare in a foreign place and room and board in return. This job is a temporary one and allows time to explore various new countries as you are consistently changing homes and locations.

The main objective of an au pair placement is the exchange of culture on both ends. The au pair usually is required to learn the native language to interact with the family as well as possible. This career choice is quite beneficial in the long run because of the new experiences, knowledge, and perspectives gained.

ESL Teacher

ESL teachers are used to teach foreign students to read, write, and speak English as their second language. These teachers are needed all across the globe as the English language takes over as one of the most popular languages. Though English is one of the hardest languages to learn, it has become the go-to language for many people to learn second.

Teaching methods include using life situations and examples to popular culture to help students in understanding the new material. ESL teachers must be creative and open-minded to be great teachers and must develop a basic knowledge of the cultural differences between the two languages.

The best countries to teach abroad in 2019 include:

  • South Korea
  • Chile
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • United Arab Emirates
  • China
  • Japan
  • Spain

Travel Writer

Travel writers combine their love for travel and literature by writing for blogs or travel companies. It includes ratings of hotels and destinations usually published in guidebooks or travel magazines. Though full-time travel writing positions for publications can be obtained, there are more opportunities for freelance work.

Working freelance while you travel is ideal for those who want to write about other things besides travel. But, some publications like the freelancers to write about a location while they’re there to get realistic views and observations. Many travel writers will use travel journals to jot down their impressions and feelings at times to help them give personalized stories to their audiences.