With over 2,000 years of history, there’s always something unique to explore in London.

Whether you’ve been to London before or it’s your first time, be prepared to be astounded by the immense number of things you can do and visit in one of the oldest cities in the world. Americans have always loved to visit London, with Tourism Vision projecting around 3.3 million U.S. visitors will venture to the city every year by 2025.

While most people flock to the usual spots in the capital, here are 5 unique ways you can explore London:

Take a Helicopter Tour

London has the most marvelous skyline. Tour the city with fresh new eyes as you jump on board a helicopter and whizz past Buckingham Palace and the Royal Albert Hall. The London Max private tour option can continue east towards the Royal Greenwich. Flying past the Millennium Dome and the Maritime Greenwich downstream really puts a whole new perspective on the city.

The tour flies from Battersea heliport port near the River Thames. You can also opt to take a speedboat from the London Eye to the helipad to get the full experience.

Observation Deck

Helicopter tour

You probably already know that you can see all of the city’s architecture and skyline from the famous London Eye. But there’s another spot in London where you can view the city’s impressive silhouette – from the world-famous Shard Hotel’s observation deck. On top of one of the tallest buildings in Europe (310 meters) you can dine at the observatory deck almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in London.

Run a Marathon

helicopter tour

Here’s another perspective change: run a marathon across the city.

The city is home to the world-famous London Marathon where a participant recently broke a world record. While you may not be there to set any records, London hosts numerous marathons that go past the city’s best spots, and most feature a charity you can support. Save the Children reports that the Royal Parks Half Marathon takes place on October 13. It goes through four of London’s eight Royal Parks. There are no medals in this marathon – the prize is knowing that you took part in changing the world, one mile at a time.

Watch a Play

helicopter tour harry potter

If you want to know experience something quintessentially British, look no further than London’s burgeoning theatre scene.

You may have heard about Shakespeare’s home in London where he wrote Romeo and Juliet, which was discovered recently. But London was home to a flourishing chain of theaters long before this breakthrough discovery. The West End Theatre is arguably the most famous in the city and home to world-class musicals and plays from the best playwrights in the world.

Theater in London reflects the mood and the temperament of the city’s intellectuals and artists.

Gastronomic Tour

helicopter tour tea time

As they say, the way to a city’s heart is through its stomach. London’s restaurants feature a decadent explosion of cultures well representing its diverse history. Susan Cohen’s London’s Afternoon Teas: ’A Guide to the Most Exquisite Tea Venues in London’ alone can guide you through a gastronomic tour that captures the essence of the city’s history.