People are often disappointed to find out that any “get rich quick” scheme is usually no more than a scam. Even though your multi-level marketing friends may be telling you how much you can earn at home while being your own boss, there’s just little guarantee that any of it will actually work.

Even though you’re not going to find any instant millionaire jobs, there are plenty of jobs out there where you’ll have a much higher chance of becoming a millionaire than in other jobs.

You won’t even have to play the lottery or wait for an email that you’re a distant relative of a recently deceased prince somewhere in Africa.


Starting with one of the more obvious jobs, doctors are very well paid and can become millionaires after some time practicing. How long, though, greatly depends on the doctor. While the average doctor salary in the United States is just under $300,000, some doctors can make around $700,000 per year while others make “only” $190,000.

Becoming a doctor is, of course, incredibly challenging. You have minimum 10 years of education and training before you can say you’ve made it.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

For those that don’t know what air traffic controllers (ATC) are, they are the people that sit in the tower you see at airports. They help control planes coming in and out, communicating with pilots on a constant basis.

On average, ATC officers earn around $120,000 per year with the top 10 percent bringing in about $170,000.

The job requires no college degree but plenty of training. ATC officers rarely have a say over where they work and the job is incredibly stressful.


Similar to doctors, dentists go through a lot of training and school before they can open up their own practice. Their average salary is around $200,000 which usually goes back to loans as dental school is more expensive than medical school.

While opening up a practice can be difficult and arduous, most dentists are able to pay off their student loans within the first few years of finishing school.


Spotting a trend yet? Engineering is another job that requires a fair amount of training and education before breaking into the job market. Out of all the engineers, petroleum engineers tend to make the most money per year.

The job may require plenty of travel and living in a very specific place, but there is still plenty of upward growth when it comes to petroleum engineering.


Real Estate

Buying or building a home is always exciting! Now what about buying or building multiple homes and turning that activity into a full-time job?

Becoming a real estate mogul is one way to become a millionaire and it requires little to no training. There’s no perfect path for becoming a property owner, but it is a bit more difficult to get started. The upfront costs are pretty high and many people use it as passive income before building up enough of a cash flow for more properties.

Software Developer

software developer

Remember the original iPhone advertisements, where there was always an app for that? But the majority of apps were fun, useless apps like an air horn or fake beer. Nowadays, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important and so are those who make them.

Software developing isn’t just limited to mobile apps, however, and plenty of developers work for large companies and make well over $100,000 per year. While it’s not as much as other jobs, it’s still a great salary.

Professional Athlete

Learning how much professional athletes can make may cause your head to spin, but it is a profession that will put you on the path to millionaire status quicker than other jobs. Even a minimum-salaried NBA player will make five times as much as a doctor within one year.

So, all you have to do is:

  • Dedicate your life to training
  • Be born with that extra level
  • Have .01% level athleticism
  • Be born in the right generation

There, that’s not so bad is it? Don’t give up on your dreams of being an NFL quarterback and leading your team to the Super Bowl.

Professional Athlete