There are few things worse than going about your day and suddenly feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. Maybe your shirt is a little too tight and it’s leaving some irritation marks across your stomach. Perhaps you forgot that the cardigan you chose to wear that day was the scratchy one you try at all costs to avoid. Whatever the case, it’s time to look into ways to level up the comfort of your wardrobe.

Start with your foundation

If you want to build a strong house, it’s important to start with a great foundation. The same concept applies to your clothing. Your undergarments have a massive effect on your overall comfort. Consider investing in underwear that’s designed with natural fibers like Boody bamboo underwear. Not only does that brand boast eco-friendly credentials, it’s renowned for its comfort. Isn’t it time to embrace comfort over scratchy underwear that features degrading elastic and holes? We think so.

Stop worrying about your size

Sizes vary widely between different brands, so it’s unlikely that you will be the same size across the board. Instead of buying based on size, make sure that you focus on how clothing actually fits.

Think flats and sneakers over heels

Not all shoes are created equally. If you usually wear heels, you might want to make the switch to flats and sneakers. There are plenty of shoes that offer professional flair and will stand out (in a good way!) in any conference room.

If you choose to wear flats or sneakers, however, consider dressing up the rest of your outfit. For example, with sneakers, you could wear dress pants, a blouse, and a loose blazer.

Add some insoles to your shoes if you tend to walk or stand a lot during your day. Fashion sneakers and flats aren’t known for their arch support, after all.

wardrobe tips

Look for clothing without buttons, hooks, and snaps

Think “easy on, easy off” when it comes to your clothing. The more hooks, buttons, and snaps you have on your clothing, the more likely it is that your clothes will irritate your skin. If you don’t like the feeling of metal or plastic digging into your skin, find clothes that feature elastic stretch. Loose and stretchy are always going to be more comfortable than tight and restrictive.

Athleisure for all

You don’t even have to be an athlete to partake in the athleisure trend. Consider adding a few pieces like fitted sweatpants that come into a taper at the ends. Wear a fashion-forward tracksuit to work, just make sure it’s perfectly tailored for you if you want to look professional. Accessorize with a pair of white sneakers to make the outfit clean and polished.

Loose pants

Although yoga pants are popular for a reason, there are some situations that call for something a little dressier. If you’re meeting clients, for example, you don’t want to look like you’re headed to a hot yoga class. Instead, opt for a wide-leg pair of patterned pants and pair it with a simple top.

Don’t forget about accessories

Have long hair? Consider a stretchy headband to keep your hair up and away from your face during the day. A scrunchie is never a bad choice either if you hate the feeling of a too-tight ponytail.

Comfortable dresses

A wrap dress is an easy, breezy style of dress that can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize it. Pick a soft jersey or knit fabric that feels good against your skin. Avoid scratchier fabrics like wool, which can lead to irritation and distraction all day.

Sports bras aren’t just for sports

Sports bras have a lot to offer. If you hate the feeling of traditional bras, sports bras provide support and tend to be much more comfortable than regular bras. Try brands like Nike or PrAna if you’re looking for a good place to start.

Conclusion: Feel comfortable 24/7

If you hate changing out of your pajamas each day, you can find other types of clothing that rival that kind of comfort. Remember to focus on clothing that fits you at the size you’re at right now, not your “goal size.” Opt for looser fitting garments that you won’t be tempted to tug and pull at all day. And of course, don’t forget to get those foundational layers just right.