After receiving three bottles of wine from winemakers Drew Barrymore and Kris Kato from Carmel Road Winery, I wanted to learn more about this union of one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses and a winemaker in Northern California.IMG_2163

Here are Six Facts I discovered while sipping their wines:

  1. Actress Drew Barrymore believes that some of the best memories are made around a table. She enjoys sitting with girlfriends on a Sunday, sharing a bottle of wine. As an avid traveler, she believes breaking bread and sipping a glass of fine wine is an ideal way to discover new cities and meet people.
  2. Barrymore is not an oenophile, but a wine enthusiast, producer–and now wine maker with the help of winemaker Kris Kato. Together they make three delicious Barrymore Wines of Carmel Road produced in Monterey, CA.
  3. Kato studied Fermentation Sciences at Oregon State University. His scientific and creative talents led him to Carmel Road. Working with Drew Barrymore is one of his favorite wine-making enterprises.Drew Barrymore, Barrymore Wines
  4.  Barrymore Pinot Grigio is a favorite light-bodied Italian white wine. Winemakers Drew and Kris make their Pinot Grigio with grapes grown along the cool Monterey coast. This wine is pleasing to sip, with its brisk acidity and moderate alcohol level. There is an essence of honeydew, lemondrop and Asian pear  with every sip. It’s perfect to pair with pasta, gnocchi in brown butter with fried sage and a Caprese salad. The price is $22 per bottle.
  5. Barrymore by Carmel Road Rosé of Pinot Noir is a delicate wine with a beautiful pink hue. It’s the quintessential summer wine with floral and light citrus aromas. There are hints of blood orange intertwined with creamy apricot that is clean and crisp to the palate and doesn’t finish sweet. It’s not a simple wine, but is more complex due to the long and slow fermentation balancing the pleasing layers of melon, cherries and strawberry. The 100% Pinot Noir grapes are grown in Monterey County and fermented in 100% stainless steel. The alcohol is 12.9%. This wine is priced around $23. On a warm summer day, this wine is ideal to enjoy with charcuterie or fish tacos.
  6. Barrymore Drew’s Blend Pinot Noir offers a perfumed fragrance ranging from cherries, rhubarbs, pomegranates and spices. It’s ideal to serve with spicy food, fresh fish and red meat. This wine is priced under $30 a bottle.

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