We’ve all heard the phrase, “Adventure is out there”. Whether it’s scuba diving, rock climbing, or snow boarding, there’s something for everyone to be passionate about. Here are a few thrills that our writers at Luxe Beat enjoy for their adrenaline fixes.

1. Whitewater Rafting in Georgia

“Oh my gosh, we had more than Mr. Toad on his famous wild ride as our raft bounced along, waves crashing in and over the sides. I screamed- but with delight, not fright. I momentarily thought we would flip, as the raft seemed to fold up in the middle.” -Debi Lander. Full article here…

Whitewater Rafting in Columbus, Georgia

Whitewater Rafting in Columbus, Georgia

2. Horseback Riding in Chile

“Santiago Uriburu is the  polo playing horseman who runs the incredible riding program. For serious riders desiring this bespoke adventure, you must be experienced, skilled on outdoor terrain, possess a great sense of adventure and be willing to ride steep mountain trails.” -Michelle Winner. Full article here…

Horseback riding in Hana

Hana on Horseback

3. Dive Boating off the Galapagos Islands

“Massive Galapagos sharks, recognizable by their beefy silhouettes,  passed by far beneath us. A school of hunting tuna, far more menacing than the sharks, passed as well. Before the hour-long dive was done we also saw a bank of more than 50 hammerheads in the distance. The group was so thick with sharks that it looked like one dark, moving mass rather than individual animals. And then the whale shark appeared.” -Karen Catchpole. Full article here…

Dive Boating

Dive Boating

4. Kayaking and Snorkeling in Yucatan, Mexico

“Once at the mangroves, there’s a secluded entrance that leads to a natural enclosed tunnel built within, that has to be navigated through twists, turns, and overlaying branches. Approximately 20 minutes later, the forest opens and the sky appears above once again, as the termination of the tunneled path is a fresh water spring that is constantly pumping water into the estuary. This is a great spot to take a break and enjoy a bit of swimming or snorkeling.” -Bryen Dunn. Full article here…

Yucatan Mexico

Yucatan, Mexico

5. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

“The Blue Lagoon is a dramatic free-form pool, filled with a milky shade of blue water, surrounded by an ancient black lava field. Iceland sits on a fault line and was created by volcanoes. The level of magma (or earth’s core) remains much closer to the surface than usual. Thus, you’ll find geothermal power plants that convert raw steam into electricity and heated water.” -Debi Lander. Full article here…

Blue Lagoon Spa

Blue Lagoon Spa

What do you like to do for an adventure fix? Comment below!