Luxury Product Reviews.

Luxe Beat Magazine has an incredible team of international journalists, specializing in everything luxury.  Product

FINEX® Cast Iron Skillet

FINEX® Cast Iron Skillet

reviews are important to our audience, so we are always on the lookout for the hottest, most reliable and luxurious products on the market.  We do not pay our contributors to evaluate products, as they expect to receive and keep the products provided by the sponsor. Additionally, we like to coordinate a product giveaway so our readers have an opportunity to win a luxury product, as well as it provides additional promotion for the product sponsor.

How to get your product considered for review?

1. Email us. Send an email to luxebeatmag at with the subject: PRODUCT REVIEW REQUEST – PRODUCT NAME, and include your press materials, link to website and any other supporting product details. If you have specific ideas for a promotion, we would love to hear them, so don’t be shy!

2. Product samples. The business must be willing to provide for one product (or set) sample to be reviewed by the Luxe Beat Magazine reviewer, and an additional product (or set) for giveaways.

3. Coupon/offer. In the event the product cannot be given away and is a large ticket item, we’re open to discussing discounts for our readers.

XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine

XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine

What are the benefits of a product review?

  • Editorial Coverage
  • Free product advertisement in Luxe Beat Magazine*
  • Free product advertisement on*
  • Promotional giveaway via social media
*The business will be responsible for their own magazine ad design and must follow design specs and deadlines. Luxe Beat Magazine reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

Here are a few examples of products that have been reviewed by Luxe Beat Magazine:


Jane Iradel

Jane Iradel Cosmetics

Jia Collection

Stacy Cox

Handbags for the Holidays Sheena Sujan & Robert Matthew

Brands reviewed: Sheena Sujan & Robert Matthew

Do you have a product you would like to have reviewed by Luxe Beat Magazine?  Please email luxebeatmag at with the details about your product for consideration. Note: Luxe Beat Magazine will reject products that are not of a luxury quality. All shipping is the responsibility of the product manufacturer.