Anatomie, where have you been all my life?  You could have saved me years from looking schleppy while traveling or like I just rolled out of bed (which I usually have) when working out at the gym. Oh well, I’m happy we’re finally BFF’s although I could really use a friend’s and family discount, since I’m now totally addicted to your fabulous clothes.

 My new Anatomie travel outfit

My New Anatomie Travel Outfit. Photo credit: Anatomie

And to think it was all just a chance meeting. On a recent flight I was sitting next to a very chic woman wearing a sophisticated, figure-flattering, stretchy black and grey jacket and pants. She looked so fabulous that I couldn’t help but nose in and ask where she bought her outfit.  She told me that it was by a company I had never heard of called Anatomie, that specializes in workout  and travel clothes. She continued to enlighten me about their sophisticated designer styles and travel-friendly materials  for the next 15 minutes, with unbridled enthusiasm.

The minute we landed I immediately  got on their website (the easiest way to buy their things unless you live in Miami, where they are headquartered) and bought her same jacket and pants. On top of putting a new strut in my step, I’m sure that this outfit will also greatly increase my chances of getting upgraded to first class. Unfortunately (for my dwindling bank account) I’m totally addicted to shopping on their idiot proof website, where you’ll find their latest collections featuring endless, must-own pieces like a stunning black leather & Italian knit jacket, a sexy, mesh, perfect-for-a-hot-night-on-the-town top, and high- end work-out wear that is so flattering you might be tempted to skip your work-out.



Do Down-doggies in Style. Photo Credit: Anatomie

Curious as to where they picked up their styling chops, I clicked on the “About Us” sections and aha, now it all makes sense. Created by Kate Boyer, a former gymnast and fitness trainer and her fashion designer husband, Shawn, the two understand that today’s globe-trotting, active woman wants functional fashion that can take her straight from the treadmill to the jetway. Each season the couple flies to Europe to draw inspiration from the top European fashion houses and search for the finest high-performance French and Italian fabrics. Anatomie then transforms those fabrics into a sophisticated sexy silhouette that is minimalist, durable and ultra-modern.

For some wardrobe tips, check out the website’s  “Traveling Packing Guides” organized by trip themes ranging from Island Goddess to Safari Travel.

There is still time to  give  your boyfriend a few blatant Christmas gift hints so that at least when you add the proverbial “I will go to the gym more” to your NY rezzies, you’ll be the most fashionable girl doing downward dogs !