Getting a good night sleep is one of life’s luxuries. Tempur-Pedic has launched a new home collection designed by Andrew Morgan. The luxury market has always been a focus of this former fashion designer. Before he launched his namesake company in 2000, he spent 18 years as a clothing designer for Bergdorf Goodman, Burberry and other sources of style. That expertise informed his interior designs, luxury hospitality line and Tempur-Pedic’s versatile collection.

Consumers can transform their Tempur-Pedic® beds, starting with lavish slipcovers and layering pieces in a variety of chic patterns, colors and textures, to experience their bed at its absolute best. With 10 choices of luxe knit fabrics in patterns and textures ranging from houndstooth, chenille, tweed and herringbone, the Tempur-Pedic Home Collection – made in the USA – makes it simple for home décor lovers to mix and match stylish materials to create their own customized bed.

“We’re merging customized style and personalized comfort to offer a unique bedroom environment, while helping consumers achieve their best night’s sleep,” said Dan Fine, Vice President, Direct to Consumer for Tempur-Pedic. “Consumers get to be their own stylist and pick and choose luxury pieces to dress their Tempur-Pedic beds to fit their individual styles and change as often as they would like.”

Created with exquisite materials and American workmanship, the Tempur-Pedic Home Collection is crafted for sustainability and performance, and made in the USA. Additionally, these luxurious knits are machine washable and will stay looking beautiful wash after wash.

The Tempur-Pedic Home Collection by Andrew Morgan

The Tempur-Pedic Home Collection by Andrew Morgan

The Tempur-Pedic Home Collection includes:

  • Decorative pillows, starting at $139
  • Luxury throws, starting at $399
  • Nine-inch foundation slip covers, starting at $549
  • Luxury blankets, starting at $599
  • Custom headboard slip covers, starting at $629

TEMPUR® material responds to your body’s unique shape, weight and temperature, automatically adapting to support your body. Tempur-Pedic mattresses adapt to the curves of your body, supporting you evenly. Heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further, while lighter areas sink in less. Even support allows for better alignment, so your body can more fully relax – and you experience deeper sleep. Ninety-four percent of Tempur-Pedic owners love their mattresses.

The Tempur-Pedic Home Collection by Andrew Morgan is exclusively available for purchase at