Author: Bonnie Carroll

Food Fantasia in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that can be enjoyed on a long vacation or a day trip. From the San Francisco Pier to Chinatown and the Asian Museum of Art at the United Nations Plaza, it is a magical walking journey to experience the diverse cultures of the people living in this city overlooking the San Francisco Bay. If you take the CalTrain into San Francisco, it will be just a short stroll along the ocean walk to the Port of San Francisco Pier, founded in 1915. There, you will find the historic ferry building and see lines of...

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Winter Splendor at Rosewood Inn at the Anasazi

Visiting Santa Fe in winter is an experience everyone should savor at least once. The smell of wood burning fireplaces, and the aroma of delicious cold weather dishes being prepared in Plaza eateries, along with the welcoming warmth of local hotels and shops, is beyond inviting. Delights to be enjoyed in Santa Fe in winter, especially at the Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi, are always at the top of my New Mexico travel list. This impressive property opened on September 23, 1990, with a blessing ceremony by a Pueblos medicine man, a Franciscan priest and local area artists, along...

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