Author: Camille Jocsak

How to Plan the Perfect Multi-generational Trip

Personal Experience is the Best Teacher As a travel advisor, it is my job to design journeys for my clients that will leave beautiful and lasting memories. The complexity of trip planning becomes exponential when you add more people and the diversity multi-generational considerations of ages and interests as well as family dynamics. As a wife, mother and grandmother who has taken and planned many extended family vacations, I am also able to provide my clients with first hand tips and tricks on how to make their multi-generational experience positive and as carefree as possible. All of these I...

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Finding your “Happily Ever After”

Growth of the Romance Industry Despite economic downturns and the growing recession, the wedding industry continues its steady climb as one of the fastest growing industries around the globe.  Couples continue to demand the best for their “special day” while raising the bar for those that follow.  As a Wedding and Romance specialist, I have planned and executed many weddings and wedding-related events throughout the years. I have seen the wedding industry change, flourish and morph into a multi-billion dollar industry. It continues its steady climb thanks in part to technology and our love for travel.  Traditional weddings have...

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Two Doctors, Two Cities, Two Cultures – One Cross-Cultural Wedding

One of the most fun parts of being a Wedding Planner is having couples share anecdotes of how they met, their journey together and the proposal which ultimately led them to sit with me discussing their upcoming wedding. I never get tired of listening to their stories, some funny, some serious and some I still find hard to imagine. Each unique but all leading to the final decision to spend their lives together in matrimony. And it was such for this featured couple! Steve and Pam met through mutual connections, his best friend and her sister. A chance meeting...

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Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla

Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome our newest columnist, Camille Jocsak to the Luxe Beat Magazine family! As a destination wedding planner, Camille has some incredible stories (and wedding planning tips) to share. We hope you enjoy this first article about a destination wedding set in Playa Del Carmen and come back for more of her ongoing series, Paradise 2 Perfection. As a wedding planner it is my job to create weddings that are magical, romantic and seemingly flawless. Bridal couples put their faith in me to give them the wedding day of their dreams and this is no small...

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Pacha Mamas

As Virtuoso Travel Consultant, Speaker, and International Event Planner & Fundraising Specialist, I have had the privilege of travelling to some of the most magical and mystical places around the globe. Each has its own beauty, charm and spirit. When I plan any trip for my clients I use my own experiences and global connections to create memorable and unique itineraries. Through my years of travel, I have seen some awe inspiring scenery and met interesting people, however, some trips remain with me longer and touch me deeper than others. My recent journey throughout South America has proven to...

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