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Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas Entertains You

When you think of going on a cruise, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perceptions and clichés run rampant, poking fun at everyone from the sedentary set to the party crowd. But times have changed, and these days cruisers need to pack more than just their appetites and bathing suits. If they’re sailing aboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas, they’d better have socks and running shoes. Anthem of the Seas just officially dropped anchor in the Big Apple. She debuted in April 2015, but just arrived stateside and is ready to make a splash in her...

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Amber Cove: A New Spot of Caribbean Blue for Cruisers

Going somewhere for the first time holds a special allure for many travelers. Discovering a place for the first time is often memorable and can lead to more trips over time. For well-traveled Caribbean cruisers, new has been tougher to come by, until now. Amber Cove is the Caribbean’s first new cruise destination in nearly 10 years. The new port marks the return of regularly scheduled cruise ships to the north coast of the Dominican Republic after an almost 30 year absence. Amber Cove Eight different cruise lines including Carnival, Princess, Holland American and newcomer Fathom™, are expected to...

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Float Your Way Through Europe Aboard the AmaSerena

European vacations are exciting and exhausting at the same time. When you’ve traveled a long way, you want to see and do it all, but living out of one hotel to the next can take the excitement out of any trip. How do you make vacation easy and entertaining? Keep fun afloat along the Danube River aboard AmaSerena. River cruising is growing in popularity, but it’s still a new concept to many travelers. Along with the clear benefit of un-packing once, when you dock, instead of looking at a touristy port, it’s the destination you see from your cabin...

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Pretty in Pink in Pasadena

First things first. I am not a big fan of the color pink. But I do have a teenage daughter who is, so pink is a fairly common color in my house. I can take it, but typically, if given the option, I will leave it. That is, unless I’m at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena. When you enter the hotel to check in, the lobby makes a glamourous first impression. A colorful flower arrangement sitting on an antique table underneath a crystal chandelier, will most likely be what first catches your eye. Filled with natural light, the room has...

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Nita Lake Lodge: Whistler’s Mountain Retreat

It’s pretty much a given: once snow starts falling, the Whistler winter invasion begins. Bearing bags loaded with skis, boards and boots, snow lovers come in droves. Nita Lake Lodge makes it easy for guests to get the most out of their time on the mountains, with perks like  complimentary shuttles and ski lockers at the base of Whistler Mountain. But there’s a catch. With amenities that include a spa, three restaurants and roof top hot tubs with a view, the mountain retreat makes it hard to actually want to leave. Snow looks good on this mountain retreat. And...

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Home Sweet Hip Home in Vancouver’s Yaletown

“We don’t do beige.” It’s a mantra of sorts at Opus Vancouver. What does it mean? You’ll understand as soon as you enter the compact, yet sparkling lobby. It has a glow about it. Color is king here. Hip easily translates to happy. Forget about everything you’ve come to expect from a hotel. It doesn’t take long to get the sense they’re re-inventing the rules of hospitality at this boutique Yaletown hotel. It’s also pretty obvious the folks that work here are having a whole lot of fun in the process. The hotel is designed to feel like home,...

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Girlfriend Getaway to the Valley: Silicon Valley

California has a reputation for being a little different. Los Angeles has Hollywood. San Francisco has the the Haight and the Golden Gate. Then there’s Silicon Valley. Though computers and just about everything that works with them may have catapulted the high-tech home into fame and fortune, inspiration here doesn’t always revolve around business and battery life. A little more than a half hour south of San Francisco, and just five or 10 minutes from Stanford University, the scenery might surprise a first time visitor. There are the expected highways and buildings that scream tech and innovation, but this...

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Hawaii on Hana Time

Much has been written about the well-traveled road to Hana and its waterfalls, tucked amid the Hawaiian jungle between twists, turns and one-lane bridges. A popular daytrip from bustling resort locations like Ka’anapali and Wailea, it’s a long day that works best when started early and finished late. But touring Hana in a hurry comes with limitations. Even at the frequently required 10-mile-per-hour-pace on Highway 360, the slow going isn’t slow enough to reap the rewards of Hana time. Life isn’t different here. It’s Hawaiian. Families generations strong call it home. They fish with bamboo poles and throw nets....

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Sleeping on Ice in Quebec City

The New Year has arrived and along with it a list of resolutions. It’s brought a serious dose of winter reality to many locales. Living in snow and ice is one thing, but playing in it has a completely different effect on the psyche. Ice and snow have a brighter, almost cheerful side, but when you’re cold, it’s just sometimes hard to see. When used as the building blocks to create an ice hotel, that sparkle is hard to miss. But is that sparkle enough to keep you warm at night? One of a Kind Adventure A night at...

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Turtle Patrol on the Florida Panhandle

Vacations, by definition, are not typically meant to involve wake-up calls and alarm clocks. But when the jarring buzz knocked me out of a sound sleep just after 5am, I hopped out of bed with little hesitation. The sun was still hours from being up, but it was busy along the beaches of lesser-known Gulf Coast County, Florida. The St. Joseph Peninsula Turtle Patrol was getting ready to hit the sand. Time is of the essence on these early mornings. Whether it’s spotting a freshly dug nest or checking on one about to hatch, volunteers’ best chance of catching...

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Rocking the Boat

Concerts and cruise ships. There was a time when they had nothing in common. No more. Thanks to some creative composing and logistical maneuvering of the floating variety, Carnival Cruises has brought the seas alive with the sound of music. A first-of-its-kind in the competitive industry, the Carnival Live Concert Series offers music loving guests the chance to spend sun filled hours in popular ports before ending their day on a high note with a star-studded show. The vacation concert combination makes sense. So much so, you wonder why somebody didn’t think of it sooner. All of the not...

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Breaking The Hotel Mold In Delft

There’s a spot in my traveling heart that loves quirky finds. Don’t get me wrong, just about every destination has must-sees that visitors will plan their days around, but sometimes it’s the kooky finds that bring an unexpected smile to your face. Case in point, Delft– about a half-hour’s drive from Amsterdam, this quiet spot oozes Dutch charm. With bikes and canals at every turn, it’s easy to come home with hundreds of pictures. Delft is where Johannes Vermeer spent his life painting. It’s where Delft Blue pottery has been produced by hand since the 17th century and where...

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