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Put a Pin in It! Let Yourself be Wooed by India

Falling in love with India is a gradual affair. First, it flirts with you to get your attention. Then it begins to entice you with its charms. India, though, wants more from you than just a platonic relationship. It’s looking for a deeper commitment – one that seeks to bind itself to your heart and soul. Slowly and steadily, you fall under its enigmatic spell, and before you know it, there’s a new love in your life. Much of India’s appeal is due to its deep roots. With a civilization that can be traced back thousands of years, it...

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Put a Pin in it! Searching for Mrs. Conda; first name, Ana

This article has been published previously by Way Beyond Borders and the Woodinville Weekly and republished with permission.  I was a woman on a mission when I set out on my Peruvian Amazon riverboat adventure with International Expeditions. Like most of my fellow passengers, visiting the Amazon was a bucket-list destination, one that promised to be a significant and momentous travel experience. My objective was to learn firsthand about this unique environment and its diverse wildlife, as well as about the people who inhabit its lush and verdant rainforests. I had another goal, though, which was to see an anaconda...

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