Author: Devanshi Mody

Camp Jabulani Romantic South African Safari

Camp Jabulani is better known for its elephants than for its romantic appeal. It is, however, amongst the most romantic of South Africa’s safari camps, considering that over a five-day sojourn, I was sometimes the sole loner in camp of honeymooners — no, it wasn’t some cruel contrivance to impress upon me my solitude. I’m quite happily wedded to my voyages, thank you! But I can see why Camp Jabulani lends itself to the more amorously inclined. To experience this property’s romantic impact, it’s worth arriving at dusk- not terribly practical, but then, since when has romance been practical?...

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Capering the Cape

One&Only Cape Town: When it launched, the who’s who was invoked, expenses weren’t spared, champagne flowed. The party hasn’t stopped, the champagne still flows, everyone who’s anyone in the city continues to see and be seen at the glitziest waterfront address. O&O flaunted modernity and vitality, established itself emphatically as precisely what it is- the One & Only! O&O’s Marina Rise rooms are palatial and boast walk-in wardrobes bigger than a London apartment. Mattresses so right royally rich that no princess, however pernickety, could feel a pea ensconced under it. Princesses will adore One&Only’s island spa, a city spa on...

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Molori Safari Lodge Spa

Private pleasure abode for the owner and his friends — until recently. I had heard tales of a wildly extravagant safari lodge somewhere in South Africa, but it remained mysteriously shrouded in anonymity. I long thought it chimerical, but the lodge does exist, and it now even receives, but ever so selectively. Exclusive and elusive, South Africa’s best-kept secret almost requires the guile of Bond to excavate. Indeed, this is a James Bond safari lodge, all jet-set and touch-button. It comes with a Bond Girl too, Metsi. Like any self-respecting Bond Girl, she must tantalise. And so we shall tormentingly...

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Mara Plains Camp: mischief in the Masai Mara!

Mara Plains Camp: I get off the plane at the airstrip in the Masai Mara. Duncan, my guide, awaits. Tourists click-click his state-of-the-art Land Rover- more photographed than the lions themselves! These creatures cost $100,000, are equipped with the smuggest case bearing super cool camera, binoculars and gadgets and come with the best guides in the business. They’re witty, poetic, Masai and mad. Duncan helps me into the vehicle, offers some nibbles, and we’re off on a game-drive. We find 5 lionesses and 7 cubs on exhibition. Duncan says the former are the territorial dominant male lion Mohican’s 4...

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