Author: Fredric Hamber

Himalayan High Life in Paro, Bhutan

“We have no stoplights here. The cows are our traffic control,” my guide says as we wait in the car for a mother and her calves to cross the road. They’re in no hurry. Neither am I. It has taken some doing to get to Paro, Bhutan, and I’m glad to have made it. To begin with there was the visa business. While the country is open to tourism it is not open to everyone. The government has made a decision to cultivate affluent travelers by limiting visas to those who meet a minimum spend requirement. “We don’t want...

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The Highlands Aboard the Royal Scotsman

The Scottish Highlands are a literary landscape full of tales of bravery and bravado, which I had been longing to visit. But since I lack the bravery and bravado to drive a rental car on the left side of the road, I needed another option. That’s how I found myself aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman for a five-day luxury train trip through the land of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. The nine-car passenger train holds just 36 passengers, and is part of the old Orient Express group. (The Orient Express company, which includes hotels and river cruises, recently...

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