Author: Herve Laurent

Caesar Salad Like A Gazpacho

Transforming classic dishes to incorporate modern techniques and trends is an important aspect of culinary training. Here is an example of one that works well and would be great to serve before a large meal. Caesar Salad Like a Gazpacho Ingredients:                               Quantities: Romaine lettuce                         1 Bread croutons                           1 cup Chicken breast                ...

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Signature Sandwiches…Why They Are So Popular

Why Signature Sandwiches Are So Popular? They are convenient; you can include all food groups, and savor the taste– fast, good, slow food. Point of interest: They were originally named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-92). It was said that the Earl ate sandwiches so he would not have to leave the gambling tables to eat. Signature Sandwich with whole bread, bacon, gratinated goat cheese and apples The Why…  Did you know Europeans eat sandwiches with a fork and knife? This sandwich can also be eaten like salad, tapas or simply bites. Balance of flavors is the...

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French Master Chef Hervé Laurent Presents Classic Cuisine Served The Modern Way!

The goal of my recipes will be to provide you with the why and how to prepare different dishes. These are the same explanations provided to my students at SCARTS.  Classic cuisine served the modern way! The Why? Food and design is a big trend and popular. This will be shown with ScandinaVian Marinated Salmon, Asparagus, Balsamic Sauce. The presentation of the plate below is called “disorganized order.” The decoration looks messy but it takes lots of attention and details to balance colors and flavors. It gives guests the possibility to taste everything separately. The presentation of the plate...

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Trends – Food and Design – A City That You Can Eat

by Chef Hervé Laurent Earlier this year, Marc Bretillot, famous French designer, presented in Central America a piece of art called, “A city that you can eat.” The School of Culinary Arts, Central America (SCARTS) and its students collaborated with Guest Chef, Georges Riveiro, of the University of Art and Design, Reims, Champagne, France and French Master Chef Hervé Laurent, owner of School of Culinary Arts Central America. As a result, this event was presented to the public at the hotel Crown Plaza, San Salvador, Central America. Two days were necessary to prepare everything at the school and then...

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Cruising with French Master Chef Hervé Laurent on Seabourn

by Chef Hervé Laurent In the past, I’ve been privileged to be the celebrity chef on different cruise lines. When Seabourn invited me to cruise with them as Guest Celebrity Chef to Venice and the Adriatic Sea, I was delighted. Seabourn is owned by Carnival, the largest cruise line company in the world, yet is able to keep its own identity and market. It is a small ship, a “luxury yacht,” with a maximum of 200 guests. This results is better service and finer food. My culinary event included a cooking demonstration with degustation, wine and cheese tasting and, most...

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