Author: Inka Piegas-Quischotte

Sleeping Like a Sultana: Tasodalar Hotel, Edirne

Having visited Turkey many times, but always heading east, I recently decided to go off the usual routes of Cappadocia and the beaches on the Mediterranean and explore the European part of the country. I made my base the city of Edirne, which is rich in history and natural beauty,  such as a rain forest , caves and countless vineyards, lined up like pearls on a string along the aptly named Wine Route of Thrace. The city is a treasure trove of historical sites and buildings, most prominent among them, the 16th century Selimiye Mosque with the highest minarets in...

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A Perfume Heaven in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a maze of small squares and narrow, sometimes cobbled, streets. Stretching between the Ramblas de Catalunya and Via Laetana, dominated by the cathedral and a basilica, the Gothic Quarter is a treasure trove for any visitor who seeks extraordinary shops, exquisitely designed clothes, bespoke wicker furniture, colorful costume jewelry and just about everything else that smells of individuality and luxury. And talking about smells: On my recent week-long trip to Barcelona, I was rather aimlessly ambling around Plaza del Pi, looking at the paintings of artists who exhibit their works there at weekends. Turning into...

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Las Columnas-a Gourmet Temple in Torrevieja, Spain

How come, you might ask, that every so often, exquisite restaurants are found in places which nobody has heard about–except the gourmets, of course? I don’t have the answer, but I was lucky enough to have discovered just such a gem, and to be able to interview a delightful chef who is anything but a diva. First things first; Torrevieja is a coastal resort on Spain´s Costa Blanca, approximately 100m from Alicante. I´m doing the place an injustice, saying that nobody has heard about it, because it´s quickly becoming a very popular resort for Spanish holiday makers, as well...

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La Caldea – A Superspa In Andorra

When I made my way to Andorra two weeks ago, I packed sturdy shoes, a rain coat (just in case) and a few light sweaters. It may be the middle of summer, but the tiny country is surrounded by the mighty Pyrenees mountains, some of them snow covered even in August and wedged in between Spain and France. Therefore, I did not expect the sun drenched days of my current home town on Spain´s Costa Blanca, which was my starting point. Hiking in summer and skiing in winter, that’s what Andorra is famous for. I was prepared for long walks...

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Rejuvenating At The Pera Palace Istanbul

Talk about the royal treatment! If you plan to visit Istanbul and have a few bucks to spare, there is no better place to stay than the emblematic Pera Palace Hotel. You can´t beat it for location, atmosphere, luxury and pampering. The hotel was after all first built to cater to the well heeled and famous clientele who, following the fashion of the time, travelled on the Orient Express to the city on the Bosporus and had nowhere adequate to stay. Along came the Pera Palace. The art deco marvel opened its doors in 1892 and featured the first...

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Ecology Meets Luxury at the Mourtzanakis Residence Crete

I arrived in Crete in the middle of the night on a tiny plane from the island of Kos. I was on a double mission: island hopping in the Aegean Sea, alternating between Turkey and Greece and finding outstanding accommodation. My tip to go visit the Mourtzanakis Residence when it was time for Crete,  came from a very discerning Lebanese friend and I decided to follow the suggestion.Despite the late hour and my booking on rather short notice, the owner, Marcos, came to collect me in person. Nice touch. I appreciated the gesture even more, when we left the...

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