Author: Judith Glynn

Best Shopping in Cesky Krumlov

Shopping is a favorite pastime for many travelers but what to buy and where to buy with confidence can be problematic. From major cities to small villages, it helps when a local shares shopping tips. “If people want to buy amber in Cesky Krumlov, I tell them to forget it unless they know what they’re doing,” said tour guide Oldřiška Baloušková. She and I were strolling the 13th century town located in Czech Republic’s Southern Bohemia region and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In centuries past the region was on the amber trade route, which explains its tourist...

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Spain’s Exorbitantly Expensive Ham

The world’s best ham is the super-premium jamón Iberico de Bellota. Acorns are key to its flavor and marbled fat. Artisan producers contribute generations of tradition to the curing process. But it’s Spain’s very own black pigs (that can’t stop eating) that keep the breed in the royalty category of gastronomy. Over 300 windows are manually opened and closed several times a day at the Arturo Sánchez e Hijos factory in Guijuelo, Spain. It’s a tradition that dates back three generations. Even the company president participates. He instinctively knows the airstream from nearby Sierra de Gredos and Sierra de Béjar mountain...

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Only You Inspired the Only YOU

Newcomer luxury boutique hotel in Chueca, a central Madrid neighborhood, came on the scene determined to make a difference in each guest’s stay. Transform a former Madrid palace into a hotel that’s a design showstopper. Add a concept that pampers the individual guest. Make it cozy, yet chic, and it’s a hit from day one. What to name a hotel is similar to naming a baby. It’s often a toss-up. Will the choice fit? For the five-member naming committee of Ayre Hoteles, based in Ibiza, Spain and already “parents” to 10 hotels, the task to brand their first boutique...

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