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Interesting People Doing Interesting Things

There are so many creative things happening all around the world. Here are some of the interesting people we’ve covered in Luxe Beat Magazine, doing interesting things. 1. Homespun Design by Joe Noonan “Homespun Design is not limited to one style of furniture. Styles range from mid-century, cottage, industrial, reclaimed to traditional. Because they create pieces that are geared towards the individual, there’s not any one piece that’s more popular than the rest.” -Sherrie Wilkolaski. Full article here… 2. Suki, Skincare Specialist “I sought out the teachings of progressive chemists, because most traditional scientists flat out said what I was looking...

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Collection of Unique Artists

The true beauty of art is that it’s completely personalized. Each artist incorporates a part of themselves in their work. These are a few unique artists we love here at Luxe Beat. 1. Cammy Davis “I grew up simply, with the mind set that if I wanted something, I needed to find a way to make it. That philosophy has carried forward into my artwork. I create the entire piece, including building the panels myself. It just doesn’t feel like something I’ve created unless I made the entire piece, from nothing to something inspiring.” -Maralyn Hill. Full article here… 2. Thomas Arvid...

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10 Great Places to Discover Art and Culture

Have you ever wondered what the best places are for art and culture experiences? This is our list of the top 10 places to visit for all you art gurus out there. 1. Fredericksburg, Texas “What makes it so special – and I’m not just talking about the folks from San Antonio and Austin who love to make Fredericksburg a weekend getaway – is that it is one of the fastest growing wine destinations in the country. And it has art galore: Over a dozen galleries with collectible art, local artists, national and international artists, and various mediums.” -Karin Leperi. Full...

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Luxe Beat Magazine’s Favorite Chefs

At Luxe Beat, one of our favorite things is luxurious dining. However, these beautiful and delicious foods would not be possible without the talent and skills of their fabulous chefs! Take a look at some of our favorite chefs below. 1. Rafael De Freitas “In the early years, Chef De Freitas spent many hours learning to bake varieties of breads in a Portuguese bakery and then taught himself to make cakes. He loved the artistry of creating each item so much so that he eagerly taught others the secrets to baking while living in Mozambique. Baking had definitely become his passion.” -M’Liss...

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Top 10 List of Luxury Vacation Getaways in the U.S.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, refreshing and revitalizing. Luxury vacations take these adjectives to a whole other level. Check out our list of the top 10 most luxurious vacation destinations, right here in the U.S.! 1. Newport, Rhode Island “Technically, Newport is located on Aquidneck Island and is one of the most famous New England resort areas. In fact, it’s been a favorite resort area for a long time, beginning during the “Gilded Age” in the mid-nineteenth century, when wealthy families wanting to escape the summer heat began to build summer “cottages” on Bellevue Avenue near the coastline.”...

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Adventure Destinations

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Adventure is out there”. Whether it’s scuba diving, rock climbing, or snow boarding, there’s something for everyone to be passionate about. Here are a few thrills that our writers at Luxe Beat enjoy for their adrenaline fixes. 1. Whitewater Rafting in Georgia “Oh my gosh, we had more than Mr. Toad on his famous wild ride as our raft bounced along, waves crashing in and over the sides. I screamed- but with delight, not fright. I momentarily thought we would flip, as the raft seemed to fold up in the middle.” -Debi Lander. Full article here… 2....

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Girlfriend Getaways

Sometimes, you need to take a step back from your life and just escape with your girls! Take the time to relax and reevaluate, with your main priority to simply have fun. Here are some destinations that cater to pampering their guests. 1. Silicon Valley, CA “Along with beautifully manicured spots like the Courtyard Garden, long lines of trees shade walkways, and stretches of grass offer traveling families just the right setting for little ones to run off some steam. Be sure to pack a swimsuit, even in the middle of February; the heated outdoor pool and hot tub...

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