Author: Linda Cordair

“Life Without Art is like Dinner Without Wine. Why Bother?”

Thomas Arvid, represented by Quent Cordair Fine Art in Napa, has been credited with launching an art trend that revolves almost completely around the product that is the heart and soul of the wine country. Delighting wine and art connoisseurs alike, Arvid’s mouthwatering, oversized still lifes feature wine and the rituals surrounding wine, the intricate details of which, as brought to life with a mastery of light, depth, and reflection, have garnered worldwide attention and acclaim.

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An Interview with Bryan Larsen

I love my job, not only because of the beautiful art I’m surrounded by every day, but because of the exceptionally talented, accomplished, passionate people I have the privilege of working with. One of those people is Bryan Larsen, an artist our gallery has represented exclusively since the beginning of his career. Currently, our most productive painter, Bryan has become our most popular, and rightly so.  What makes him tick? How does he do it and why? I took some time to sit down with the artist to discuss his work. Thank you for your time today, Bryan. It...

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From Clay to Bronze – Timeless Beauty

“It’s this quality of my work that connects my heart and soul to others who are looking at it, or preferably, feeling it. By sharing story and emotion through the human form, I feel connected in a deeper way, both with the people who view it and, perhaps most importantly, to the sculpture I am working on. I feel that my artwork is complete once I sense that it has entered someone’s life in a meaningful way.” – Martin Eichinger

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Clearly Beautiful ~ a Sculptor’s Vision

Why is it that we respond to certain styles of art more than to other styles? What does it say about us individually, and what does it say about the artist, when a particular work of an artist resonates with our soul, while the work of another artist may leave us cold and unmoved? As a gallery owner, I spend every day surrounded by the beauty created by artists who share an especially joyous and passionate sense of life.  We asked Michael Wilkinson, one of our most popular sculptors, to share his thoughts on Art, on why Art is...

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A Place to Breathe: after the quake, the art of rebuilding

Today, as I sit at my desk, I am surrounded by ghostly forms—sculpted figures enshrouded in protective plastic, their faces, arms, hands, and fingers visible but hazily veiled, as if floating just beneath a watery surface, their bodies suspended, souls asphyxiated. They can’t breathe. Neither can I, not yet. Through the dust in the air and the sporadic noise of power tools, I try to complete calls with artists, clients, structural engineers and contractors. Between emails and texts, I urge the drywallers on, rolling up my sleeves in frustration at times, grabbing a spatula to demonstrate how much more...

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The Importance Of Art In The Workplace

An interview with Linda Cordair of Quent Cordair Fine Art with Ari Armstrong at The Objective Standard With her husband, Quent, Linda Cordair operates the Quent Cordair Fine Art gallery, which aspires to help create “a rebirth of comprehensibility, beauty, romanticism and stylization to contemporary subject matter.” In addition to selling works of art, Linda also consults with businesses on placing artworks in office buildings and other places accessible to the public. Here she discusses that work. Ari Armstrong: Briefly, what is the importance to a business of placing great works of art in or around their buildings? Linda...

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