Author: Linda Kissam

Ladies of “The Dust”: An interview with Honig winemaker Kristin Belair

Ladies of “The Dust” An interview with Honig winemaker Kristin Belair A few weeks ago I attended a private tasting focusing on Cabernets from the Rutherford, CA viticultural area. The Rutherford appellation located in the Napa Valley area of northern California is comparatively small but mighty. It is approximately 6 square miles, beginning just south of Cakebread Cellars and BV Vineyard #2 along Highway 29. It ends at Zinfandel Lane, 3.3 miles to the north, and stretches across the valley 2 miles at its widest point from Mt. St. John on the West to the Vaca Mountain Range on...

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Worldwide Wine Tips And Sips: International Wine Etiquette

International Wine Etiquette I have a tip for you. It’s about worldwide wine etiquette. I know, “etiquette” is one of those words that summons up a variety of associations of place and time– some good, some not so much. A few of the rules listed below may seem like throwbacks to a stuffy, long-gone era and may remind you of when you could not enter a fancy restaurant in town without a jacket or blazer. I say, go with the flow and relax into the rules. There is a time and place for all things. The basic canons of...

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Contemporary Greek Winemaking with Yliana Stengou of Domaine Porto Carras

Contemporary thinking has it that there are no longer rules for pairing wines. Guidelines, yes, rules no. The same can be said for traveling to famous destinations. What if I wanted to go to Greece and concentrate on their crisp white wines and juicy terroir driven reds, rather than the ruins? Would the travel gods scowl at my choice? Maybe, but visiting lesser known wine regions is my passion and discovering the aromas and sips that blend with distinctive terroir and glamorous landscapes is a lifelong passion that has never served me wrong. Move over traditionalists, Halkidiki, Greece is...

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Worldwide Wine Tips & Sips–Get Your International Sip On

I have a tip for you…there is life and great sips beyond California wines. I am serious. I know, I know, it’s easy to cruise the wine aisles and load your cart up with familiar Sauvignon Blancs and Cabernets. Heck, I‘ve done that lots of times myself. What I’d like to suggest to you is to slow down and take time to explore your favorite wine store or online merchant for some exquisite – and affordable- wines from some other countries. I promise you, there is some really good stuff out there. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, be...

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Vibrant Artist Kay Kalar of Fallbrook, California

“It’s about so much more than just splashing paint onto a surface” ~ Kay Kalar Sun rays dancing on vibrant rose blooms, sensuous iris swaying in the breeze, subtle watercolor tones contrasted with the vivid intensity of flowers, plants, and outdoor scenes. These things capture my heart and soul, bringing me – and thousands of others – joy and peace.   Lucky for us this is a part of the natural world that also inspires artist Kay Kalar of Fallbrook. CA. Born and raised as an only child in the central valley of California Kay married her high school sweetheart...

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Private Culinary Tour with Celebrity Chef Jet Tila

Succulent Green Papaya Salad, Deep Fried Marinated Pork served with special Yum sauce, cool sweet Chrysanthemum Ice Tea, Jade Noodles so authentic and tasty you’ll beg for the recipe…are just part of your  private VIP tour experience with celebrity chef Jet Tila. If you’re a true foodie, you want the inside scoop on a specific style of cuisine. You don’t want to just read about it in a book.  You want to see, smell, taste and experience it for yourself and with the best coach possible. Are you a foodie? Is learning about Thai food on your bucket list? ...

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Napa Valley’s Luxury Sip Trail

Sipping an ultra-premium glass of wine always evokes feelings of luxury.  No matter where you are or what varietal or blend you drink, indulging in a glass of wine has a way of making one feel nurtured and inspired.  After all, what could be more enjoyable than savoring a glass of perfectly crafted Cabernet with friends, sipping an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc while strolling leisurely through a vineyard, or conversing with a vintner or winemaker? Like most wine lovers I’ve done my time in tasting rooms located in Napa Valley. It’s an important place to explore as Napa is a...

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Luxe Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona can claim to have it all: premium wines, extraordinary restaurants, an alluring climate, inspiring architecture, a multitude of beaches and excellent shopping. There’s several ways to experience Barcelona and its abundant choices.  It’s my take that the luxury route is the best one. Barcelona is known as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. With a bit of planning and a few days to soak in its stunning diversity, this is the place to be to experience wild and wonderful architecture, world class museums and galleries, high-end lodging and impressive shops, wines and cultural...

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