Author: Lisa Collins-Haynes

Riviera Nayarit: A Luxury Mexican Vacation

For a long time, I’ve avoided visiting Mexico because of all the travel warnings and negative media coverage–not to mention naysayers and friends with misguided advice and fear-mongering.   Despite the warnings, I took a leap of faith and hopped a flight down to Riviera Nayarit recently. Precautions are always necessary when traveling abroad, but maintaining a high level of situational awareness is essential whenever you travel, and I found Mexico to be no different. I was a solo, female traveler and I must say, it was one of the better trips I’ve taken in a long time.  ...

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Luggage Forward: Doorstep to Destination

Hopefully, you’re not the last to hear about Luggage Forward  — a forwarding service that ships your luggage worldwide before, during or even after your trip. I heard about the service some time ago, but didn’t initially understand the value of it. I kept thinking: I could just take my suitcase with me on the plane, so why ship it? That was the old me. The new me finally saw the light! I recently took a trip around the world and my luggage undoubtedly kept growing and growing with each new country I visited. Facing stiff fees from the...

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Exallo – in Wood We Trust

Exallo meaning “wood in different ways” in Greek, is home of the sexiest little hand-carved bow ties you’ll ever need in your arsenal of accessories. The concept is the brainchild of brothers Leonidas and Harry Souras who hail from the foothills of Mount Olympus in Greece. After they graduated from the university (Leonidas with a degree in Interior Design and Harry with a degree in Mathematics); there was a natural progression back to their roots.

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Échapper to Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa

I think it was a proverbial French kiss between France and the Caribbean that made Martinique an alluring and romantic island. With rolling hills, fancy cars and the accent that rolls off the tongue…it’s the perfect French connection, without having to cross the pond. My escape to Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa made Martinique even more appealing. Situated on the east side of the island in Le François, Cap Est boosts an intimate fifty suites throughout eighteen villas. I found it to be a playground for the sophisticated, with a quiet ambiance that oozes romantic getaway beach retreat....

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Business Class: Don’t Leave Without It

How in the world did I end up in business class? Long story short—pure luck. With fewer than thirty days notice, I found myself prepping for a trip of a lifetime. Thank goodness for connections, links and networking as all things fell into place effortlessly. I’ve never been so lucky, but also not one to kick a gift horse in the mouth. When a friend of a friend called and asked if I wanted to go on a trip with her, I graciously accepted before she could finish asking. It’s kind of a blur, but all I remember hearing...

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