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Holiday Tips for Gifting and Pairing Wines

By Paula Moulton With the holidays right around the corner, some of us are asking the question: How the heck do I pick up a great wine? Tips for Gifting Wine: Be Adventurous: Dare to be different and pick your wine based on the beauty of its label as long as it fits in with your price range. You may be surprised to learn that wine labels oftentimes reflect the personality of the wine in the bottle so perhaps your eye will be your trainer for the evening. Don’t Forget to Share: Wine is about sharing, so bring the...

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Ring in the New Year with Tasty Treats

‘Tis the season for swirls of parties, gifts and tantalizing food. It tends to be an overwhelming time of year. However, with the help of Mrs. Prindable, you can find success in all these areas! Her line of homemade chocolate treats provide the perfect dessert to welcome in the New Year or delectable present for loved ones. New Year’s Specialties While a rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” ushers in the new year, serve up a delicious treat that doubles as an eye-catching decoration from Mrs. Prindable’s Handmade Confections. As they count down to midnight, guests will be delighted to find that...

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FOUR’s Top 10 Restaurant List

  2014 Top Ten Restaurant List Brought to you by FOUR As the world’s leading luxury food magazine, FOUR has revealed the Top Ten Restaurant list as a reflection of the essence of fine dining: “This list is synonymous with what is wonderful about fine dining: great tasting, beautiful food, with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, served in a flawless environment”, FOUR’s co-founders Antioco Piras and Jakob Siegeris stated. Drawn up by a world-class panel of food critics, journalists and devoted foodies, a repertoire of the finest international restaurants was researched and whittled down to ten. The FOUR team and...

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Perfect Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Picture this. The holidays are quickly approaching, and you want to get a fabulous gift for your wine loving friend or family member, but you don’t just want to get their favorite wine like you usually do. In this list, we have many wonderful gift ideas for you to choose from to go with your wine lover’s favorite wines! From the simple gifts to the more extravagant, there is a gift here for every level of wine connoisseur. 1. Vinous Wine Tote Handmade by Moreschi This wine tote is handmade in Italy, made of French calfskin leather and Italian...

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Finding Myself In Ireland

By Barbara McNally Almost ten years ago, I took my first trip to Ireland, where I found images and parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I found them in faces and personalities all around me; in their laughter and ability to laugh at themselves; in scenery; castles and cottages; in the weather—stormy and changeable like myself; in the roads: driving on the “wrong side of the road” (the story of my life); in their music and dancing that made me feel alive and proud to be Irish; in their passion for independence and self expression in any form; and...

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Fall Cocktail Recipes

Wave goodbye to summer and get ready for the flavors of fall! As we go from flip flops to flats and boots, it’s time to relish the countless ingredients available to use in cocktails and cooking. Save the berry drinks for next summer; now’s the time to enjoy such favorites as apples, cinnamon, figs, pumpkin and pear. According to Partida Tequila’s Bartender Ambassador Jacques Bezuidenhout, fall is a time for experimenting with cocktail flavors. “Fall is one of my favorite cocktail seasons, because flavors like apple, pear, cider and baking spice blend so nicely with aged spirits like Anejo...

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Gourmet Caramel Apples the Perfect Holiday Treat

Holidays and gift-giving occasions always present the same dilemma: finding a present that’s thoughtful, impressive and a true surprise. Mrs. Prindable’s gourmet caramel apples offer the solution. These scrumptious confections feature handpicked apples coated in caramel, chocolate and unique toppings, decorative ornaments and jumbo and petite sizes, making it a mouthwatering surprise that’s perfect for gifting and sharing. What makes these Gourmet Caramel Apples so special? Prindable’s gourmet apples are a far cry from the simple caramel apples most people remember from childhood. Instead, these are true works of art. Chocolatiers handcraft them during a meticulous, 11- step process...

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Flying on Horseback in Jamaica

In Unbridled: A Memoir, Barbara McNally chronicles her journey from stifled, dependent housewife to independent, joyous and authentic living. She starts by tracing her roots in Ireland, and when her ex-husband gets remarried and goes on his honeymoon, Barbara decides to take a solo vacation to Hedonism, a clothing-optional resort in Jamaica. On her way to the beach to ride horses, her taxi breaks down in front of an orphanage for abused teenage girls. She decides to stay overnight to learn more about these girls, and how she can help, which ultimately leads Barbara to create her foundation, Mother...

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Beer vs. Wine: surprising facts and market trends

By Alex Hillberg Beer vs. Wine: surprising facts and market trends “If you can’t drink it, don’t cook with it,” so said the late celebrity chef, Keith Floyd, about using wines to flavor food. If the guy was still around, he’d agree that any of the top wine brands we’ve listed in the infographic below would pass his taste, he who loved to cook with a half bottle of wine because the other half–he already drank. Wine isn’t the only alcohol you can use for cooking; in fact, marinating with beer not only tenderizes meat, but neutralizes carcinogens from...

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Shackleton: By Endurance We Conquer

In 1922, a journalist remarked to General Bruce, leader of the British Everest Expedition, about British tenacity. Bruce replied with a single word: “Shackleton.” Ernest Shackleton is one of history’s great explorers, an extraordinary character who pioneered the path to the South Pole over one hundred years ago and became a dominant figure in Antarctic discovery. A charismatic personality, his incredible adventures on four expeditions to the Antarctic have captivated generations. He was a restless adventurer from an Irish background who joined the Empire’s last great endeavour of exploration— to conquer the South Pole with Scott on the Discovery...

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Salem VI: Chain of Souls

Salem VI: Chain of Souls Book Excerpt courtesy of This is the second book in the Salem Witch Trilogy, to read a chapter from the first book, Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising click here. by Jack Heath and John Thompson PROLOGUE T h e  g i r l’ s  f e e t  k i c k e d  u p  s m a l l  p u f f s of dust as she walked down the dirt lane. The greens, blues, and reds of her plaid skirt seemed to pulse with every step, and the wind tossed the...

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Luxe Beat Magazine Highlights Five U.S. Spas

Spas in the United States know how to take care of their guests. They also are well known for fitting into the gorgeous setting the spa is built in. We have  pulled together a list highlighting  such spas. Let’s see which spas made this list! 1. Kapalua Spa located at Kapalua Resort, Kapalua, HI. “Surrounded by breathtaking views of the West Maui Mountains and sparkling turquoise waters of Kapalua Bay, this 45,000 square-foot, three-story spa is the winner of the ‘2012 Best Luxury Destination Spa’ for the United States. The spa perfectly integrates a peaceful Mauka (mountain) to Makai (ocean) experience....

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