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The Benefits of Hypnosis for Wellness

By Colin Christopher For people in chronic pain or who have long-term emotional, mental, or addiction issues, hypnosis may not be the first therapeutic option that springs to mind. As one of the least known treatments, hypnosis is still thought of by many as merely parlour tricks and dismissed by some as quackery when it comes to any potential for actual healing. That perception is slowly changing, as more education gets out and more high profile celebrities use hypnosis for a wide variety of ailments. A recent example was when Princess Kate Middleton used it to overcome a food...

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Finding Lucas

by Samantha Stroh Bailey CHAPTER THREE “Leah? Katie? Rach?” I call after opening the front door that my trusting family never locks. Wait until their precious crystals and enema paraphernalia get swiped. “Jamie? Is that you?” Leah trills from upstairs. “Yeah, I’m home.” Leah glides downstairs with the same grace and elegance she’s always had. My mom is ethereal. There’s no other word more precise. Tall and willowy, her once blond hair is now silver and tied in a long braid that falls to the middle of her back. She’s wearing her favorite pale blue gauzy skirt (the one...

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Bohemian Spirit During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

MASAN SS15 Presents An Ethically Urban Homage To The Freedom of The Nomadic, Bohemian Spirit During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin An abandoned ice-rink with a live performance of Dante Alighieri’s work was the dramatic setting for the 4th successive season of the Award Winning high fashion, vegan brand UMASAN for their SS15 show, where the blending of genders was not so much a political statement as an embracing of a unisex future. The collection is an ode to the wandering traveller, a nomadic bohemian spirit intrinsic to the UMASAN DNA. However this journey was a spiritual one, a journey...

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Janice Nieder – Featured Luxe Beat Magazine Contributor

Janice Nieder could be the love child of Indiana Jones and Julia Child. A culinary trendsetter, Janice might be found sharing a smoked monkey with the local shaman deep in the Amazon jungle, “running with the dogs” while truffle hunting in Marche, Italy or crashing a wedding in Pakistan, where she was wined and dined by over 200 men — and no women. To keep things in balance Janice also enjoys writing about her luxury Girlfriend Getaways, such as the time she stayed in a Pasha’s palace in Istanbul ($10,000 /night) in a room that had just been vacated...

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“A Collector of Affections” by Judith Glynn Book Excerpt

Chapter Three The bucolic and pastoral scenes en route to Madrid blurred as Leah’s eyes drooped and finally closed after the exhausting visit with Javier combined with her lingering jet lag. When the bus jerked to a stop at the AutoRes station, she rubbed her eyes awake and was the last person to get off. Just being in the city again gave her an adrenaline high to walk the few blocks to the subway station where she swiped her multi-ride ticket at the turnstile. Tirso de Molina was her stop, close to the center of Madrid. Although familiar with...

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adidas by Stella McCartney Barricade Fall/Winter 2014 Wimbledon and US Open

Innovative texture and contrasting structures make an impact at all white Wimbledon. adidas by Stella McCartney barricade for Fall/Winter 14 serves a unique fusion of technical superiority and standout style to produce an inimitable all white collection.  The collection will be worn exclusively by brand ambassadors Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Kirilenko and Andrea Petkovic for their matches at Wimbledon. A true celebration of cutting-edge athletic design and striking silhouettes, the range comprises sensational separates and one-piece dresses, based on a carefully engineered yet ultra-feminine aesthetic of all white. Innovative texture combinations meet with open and closed mesh structures for...

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Fashionable World Cup Cocktails

Forget the beer! The FIFA World Cup is an opportunity to celebrate and cocktails are in order.  This time around, the games are being hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a classic summer setting for a worldwide competition. While you and your friends are watching the matches with anticipation and rooting your favorite team, you can celebrate the World Cup by mixing these easy-to-make drinks. Inspired by Brazil and the summertime, you will feel refreshed and relaxed during those intense shoot outs between the competing international teams.   Coconut Sangria (Pitcher Recipe) 10 oz. CÎROC Coconut 5 oz. White...

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A Broad Abroad, One Woman’s Journey -Book Excerpt – Bizarre Bazaars

A Broad Abroad, One Woman’s Journey by Mandy Rowe Book Excerpt – Chapter Title: Bizarre Bazaars Riyadh was a city with more than its fair share of markets, shops, souqs and malls, but the expat community – especially the women – had an insatiable urge for more shopping. Markets and bazaars popped up at regular intervals in the rec centres of some of the larger compounds, with customers arriving by the busload and shopping as if a war was imminent and they needed to stockpile. The largest bazaar was held on the first Monday of each month at Kingdom...

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Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea

Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea by James W. Graham Book Excerpt: Chapter 1 Metaphor for Life The day before he died President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, arrived at the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas, taking a room freshly remodeled for their short stay. They had three and a half hours to rest and dine together before heading out for two evening appearances and the day’s end. Jack, sitting in a rocking chair, wearing just his shorts, worked on a speech and doodled on a sheet of hotel notepaper. Later, their public obligations satisfied,...

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