Author: Rita Cook

Lima, Peru’s Ultimate Sky Kitchen

Have you ever wished you could take a few of the many amazing recipes home with you from your trip outside the country, or perhaps take the chef home as well, because the food really was that good? After all, while many local delicacies taste delicious while being experienced in a foreign atmosphere, it’s not always the same once you get behind the stove at your own home. Maybe that’s just because you don’t know exactly how to add a bit of this and that in the recipe or even how to shop for the right ingredients. Enter the...

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A Delicacy In France

This delicacy in France was favored by former French President Jacques Chirac. I made my way to my friends’ parent’s home in the peaceful and bucolic area of France known as the Savoy region. It is located in the town of Brison Saint Innocent, situated near the Swiss border and in the French Alps. But until I arrived,  I had no idea what an amazing cook his mother would be. While I know that French women seem to be born with a skill to whip out a meal at a moment’s notice, who knew that I would be served...

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Israeli Wine, Around for Hundreds of Years

  For wine-o-philes looking for something different, sommeliers these days will often direct those wine drinkers with a discriminating taste to a variety of wines they have known about for years. Those wines are from the country of Israel. The Holy Land might be known for religion, but more folks are making the trek to places like Golan or the Judean Hills to discover more than a religious experience. Wines the thing for these various regions now. Grapes have been a part of what is now the land in Israel for centuries. Some might even consider it one of...

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