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Primland Destination Spa Luxury Mountain Retreat

Destination spa-goers looking for a luxury experience that is nestled in nature need to look no further than Primland in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. This luxury mountain retreat offers amenities for all walks of life. The property sits on 13,000 acres, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and caters to rugged outdoor types who prefer the finer comforts. It was a beautiful three hour drive from Raleigh, NC and just a few minutes over the Virginia border, I found myself in another world. After passing through the security gate, I was overcome with a feeling of serenity as I...

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Allan D. Kissam – Featured Luxe Beat Magazine Contributor

Allan Kissam has experiences that give him insights when writing that may not be obvious to most people. His first job after college was a deputy in the uncuff and search cage of the Orange County Sheriff…at times it was cage fighting. Turning in the badge, he headed to six years at sea, managing nautical charting surveys and environmental studies. Often this involved scuba diving for recovery of instruments or checking navigation hazards. Today, Allan specializes in information systems security as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). He has published in technical...

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City of Dreams Artist Layla Fanucci

Art is one of those things in life that that is all around us. It can be experienced in unlimited presentations and enjoyed by all the senses. Personally, I don’t take enough time to appreciate the talent that crosses my path every day. We are creatures of habit. Listening to the same music, going to the same museums, and so on. When I do make my way to a museum, for example, I tend to gravitate to my favorite pieces. For me, one of the best ways to discover something new, is in a book. Recently I was given...

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Model and Actress Summer Crosley Uncovered

There is more than meets the eye with model and actress Summer Crosley, as I discovered in our recent interview. The Californication actress is our Luxe Beat Magazine May 2014 cover model and as she travels the globe, she’s an advocate for ocean life conservation. Her beauty is more than skin-deep and her compassion for living things, both on and off land, is refreshing. She lives her life by not sweating the small stuff and after all of her exotic travels, she has plans to keep her life simple. Here is what she had to say during our online...

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Featured Contributor Susan Lanier-Graham

Susan Lanier-Graham is living the dream. She is an accomplished journalist with more than 25 years’ experience.that has been featured in hundreds of publications, has written over 70 non-fiction books, and done this all while enjoying a life filled with travel and adventure. While her articles usually specialize in luxury travel, fine dining, homes, and luxury lifestyles, she realizes that wonders are everywhere. Sharing those wonders — whether they be around the world or across the street — is what she enjoys most. Susan has written more than 70 nonfiction reference books, computer and business books, training manuals, and...

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Luxury Glamour on the Go

Luxury travelers want the finest tools when it comes to their beauty routine. Filling a suitcase with dozens of creams and potions can take up unnecessary space that could be set aside for another pair of Jimmy Choos.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple beauty plan that you can trust? Something you can grab and go. This luxury glamour on the go round-up is ideal for the luxury beach traveler or the business executive on the run.  I had the opportunity to review the below products and enjoyed them all. Rowenta Beauty’s Versa Style™ Styling Iron -$200, Bloomingdales...

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Jackie Collins Gets Lucky with Wolfgang Puck

New York Times Bestselling author Jackie Collins is more than a sexy romance novelist, she’s also hot in the kitchen. Chef Wolfgang Puck has been seduced by her charm and inspired to create a personalized cocktail for the author simply titled, The Jackie Collins, (recipe below) and it is a highlight of her new collection of recipes. Stepping outside of her typical romance genre, her new book The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook is on bookstore shelves today and her faithful fans will not be disappointed. Inspired by her most popular character, Lucky Santangelo, the cookbook features Lucky’s favorite recipes and...

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Featured Contributor – Leah Walker

Every month we will feature one of our writers so you can gain some insight into our talented consortium. Each has their individual style and perspective, which we would like to share. For our first featured contributor we selected Leah Walker. It wasn’t a tough decision as her work is outstanding and she is full of surprises, we never know where she will end up next, traveling from one continent to another.  Her passion for travel is infectious her interview provides an interesting insight to what drives her to keep discovering new worlds. Leah exhibits her exceptional talent as...

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Romantic Getaway in Burgundy France

Move over Paris, Burgundy has stolen my heart. France is for lovers and if your thoughts of a stroll along the Seine leave you daydreaming for romance, let your mind wander to the French countryside. Not sure where to settle your thoughts? Let me give you a nudge in the right direction. Make your way to Chef Katherine Frelon’s La Ferme de La Lochere gourmet culinary getaway, and you’ll enjoy a week of intimate and delicious delights. Your romantic escape starts as you board an express train from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Montbard station. The complexities of...

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Last Minute Gourmet Christmas Dinner Menu

Includes video instruction for each recipe. Last year my Christmas wish was to spend at least one month in France in the new year, just to enjoy the lifestyle.  After ringing in the New Year and didn’t give it considerable thought as I made my months went from winter to spring.  In mid-summer, much to my surprise, I received an invite from Chef Katherine Frelon to attend her cookery school in the Burgundy region of France at La Ferme de La Lochere in late August.  It was my Christmas in July!  The incredible French countryside adventure I had been...

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Book Fairs Are the Independent Film Festivals of Publishing

By Sherrie Wilkolaski The Cannes Film Festival is world-renown to both the film industry and indie film buffs. Held in Cannes, France every year since 1946, it is the most glamorous invitation-only, film festival one could hope to attend. It is for film professionals and press only. Film festivals are to the silver screen as book fairs are to publishing. The crème de la crème events that drive what audiences will be watching and reading in the months and years to come. So why is it that independent authors are out of touch with the stature that a book...

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