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The 2015 Barbara Gerwit Collection features hand-blocked, hand embroidered tunics, tops, and accessories. Its light and airy fabric from brightly colored cotton lawn, silky cotton, crush cotton, cotton lycra knit and laundered linen, provides something for everyone.Collage 7


They are each wearable, trendy and comfortable for a cruise ship or resort and can be worn from day to night, depending on accessories, dress up or down.

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I was eager to get my samples, but was not sure what I’d receive. I was delighted with the white top, with the hand beaded trim in neutral tones. It looks absolutely great with the brown and white pants they sent. But the best part is I can wear the top as a cover up, with the brown and white funky pants, or dressier with my white linen slacks in the evening.

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My next test was washing the garments to see how they would hold up. I did hand wash the tunic by hand. I envisioned some loose threads around the beading, but that did not happen. When I checked the seams, they were all double stitched. To those of you who do not sew, that may not make a difference. My mother was a dress designer and seamstress who was a stickler for detail, so I look for everything. The slacks had a label that said machine washable, so that is what they got and all is well. This line is quality.

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The collection is easily found, as it is sold in stores throughout the United States and Europe – from Palm Beach, Florida to Houston, Texas. Plus, you can order from its website.

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Barbara Gerwit founded the brand in 1976, along with her husband, Ken. Barbara was only twelve when her mother gave her a sewing machine for her birthday, and that was the start of her affair with fabric and design. She became a fashion designer and then met her husband Ken, a clothing salesman. They decided together to invest their last $500 in order to start to manufacturer clothing—it has paid off.

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They have gone on to become one of America’s top brands in the resort industry and we are happy to show you their 2015 line.

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For more information or to see more styles, check out:

Photos courtesy of Barbara Gerwit.

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