Lora Condon

Until a few weeks ago, I had nothing in common with Tory Johnson, Debra Rush, Flo Anthony and a long list of other celebrities. But now I ‘m a member of the Beauty Buster Experience club, one of the lucky people to have been treated by Lora Condon, who has developed a truly extraordinary facial that is unlike any I have ever experienced.

The beauty Buster Experience, a 90-minute treatment includes DMK Enzymes (the magical ingredients!), my own oxygen, LED lights, Beauty Buster Skin Care products, Reiki, a jade roller and—the bonus—a callus-dissolving foot treatment with reflexology.

Beauty Buster Clean Sweep

Lora has created Beauty Buster, an organic skin care line that is active-ingredient-based made to target specific concerns. The products contain only the most active antioxidants and natural ingredients, including lavender, Vitamin E, pine, sandalwood, rose and meadowfoam. (Important: they don’t have water as the first ingredient and they don’t contain filler, as so many lesser products do.)

DMK, which makes the miracle enzyme products, is a paramedical line–meaning it has less than .1% bacteria and contains pure botanical products that re very active on the skin. (Only 5% of U.S. skincare companies can make this claim.)

The DMK enzyme mask feels like no other. It was so tight on my face, that I thought I could feel it working, as it created a reverse osmosis and a back-flushing of the capillaries, flooding my face, neck and chest with oxygen, lymph fluid, vitamins and minerals. This helps to rebuild the skin and create long-lasting results.

The LightStim, LED lights use NASA’s technology of emitting multiple wavelengths of light to create a transfer of energy. Skin cells absorb the light and that ATP energy helps restore balance in the body’s cells. This stimulates collagen and elastin, kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation and pain.

During the treatment Lora used a jade roller, which is an ancient Asian remedy for reducing inflammation, cooling down the skin and draining lymph fluid. This felt so good that I plan to buy one of these tools.

Lora provides these facials at her Jersey Boutique Spa at 331 West Broad Street, Westfield, NJ (973) 634-1077) and by appointment at 274 Madison Avenue, New York, NY (973-715-3826).

Bottom Line: Lora Condon’s DMK facials are truly extraordinary; at $150 they are worth every penny.

About Lora Condon

Certified paramedical esthetician Lora Condon has won many awards for her Beauty Buster skin care and her outstanding facials. She has appeared on Dr. Oz and other national TV shows. Lora is also the author of Spa Wars, The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry, which was featured in The New York Times, American Spa and on Dr. Oz.

About Beauty Buster Skin Care

The line includes:

Atomic Balm Moisturizing Stick, a moisturizer that defends and protects skin from harsh weather and dryness;

Bump Blaster, a spot treatment for pimples, ingrown hairs and razor burn–made from natural tea tree oil and pine;

Clean Sweep Scrub, wipes out blackheads and clogged pores with natural aloe and rice;

Crack Spackle, a natural spackle-like balm that repairs and prevents deeply cracked dry, peeling skin on hands, feet and lips;

Secret Weapon Anti-aging Serum, Soothes and smooths skin with rose, meadowfoam, sandalwood and macadamia nut oil.