Spring has sprung and with it came a legion of products from the beauty and skincare industry. Some are based on tried-and-true ingredients and techniques, some are the result of new science—and some…well, some are downright quirky. I have tried a few of these new hacks, but I am intrigued by all the promises and results that come with the season’s offerings.

As Korea has become a virtual hotbed of skincare creativity, I’m quick to try products that come out of Seoul.

I especially like the Vitabrid Dual Serum, which combines two serums in a unique Twist-to-Mix bottle. The design allows the two separate serums enclosed (the clear Skin Barrier Serum stored in the top and the yellow Deep Care Serum stored in the bottom) to be freshly mixed together upon opening. This “instant mixing” done to activate the ingredients just before use, maintains product freshness and delivers optimal results.

Vitabrid’s Dual Serum is easily absorbed and delivers anti-aging benefits, evens skin tone and improves texture, firmness, and elasticity while moisturizing and supplying nutrients to the skin to protect it from external stress factors.

For a supercharged treatment that hydrates and brightens the skin, I combine the Duel Serum with Vitabrid’s FACE Brightening Powder. (Both products are sold at Barney’s.)

I have used Manuka honey for some time because I love its health benefits; it’s packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healing medicinal compounds. So tried Moroccan Magic’s healing rescue Manuka honey and rejuvenating Elderberry lip balm. This was the brand’s latest flavor, and it’s 100% USDA certified organic, made with 100% clean non-toxic ingredients,  infused with 100% pure argan and essential oils, is cruelty-free (and woman-owned).

I wasn’t disappointed. The lip balm is silky to apply and instantly moisturizes and soothes dry—even chapped—lips. The list of ingredients is impressive. Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Flavor, Organic Manuka Honey Blend, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract, Organic Calendula Flower Extract.

Now that I’ve found the lip balm I can use year round, I can try Moroccan’s Magic’s older flavors: Coconut Almond, Rose, Lavendar Vanilla.

The first time I inhaled pure oxygen was during a visit to Aspen, Colorado. I was experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness: dizziness and headache. A staff member at my hotel directed me to the spa, where I was instructed to lie down and inhale the oxygen. After about 10 minutes, my symptoms disappeared and I was feeling much better.

So when I heard about a product called Boost Oxygen, which was developed for recreational consumer use, I was curious. Boost is 95% pure, Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen—It’s not for people who have been prescribed Medical Oxygen (which is over 99% concentration) for health reasons.

Boost comes in a lightweight canister and is easy to use. I found that inhaling the oxygen simply feels good. It does give a “boost” when the air quality is poor or when you’re tired or mentally fatigued.  It’s available on Amazon and boostoxygen.com.

Another form of oxygen comes from KAQUN (pronounced Ca-coon); it’s an oxygen delivery system for the body in gel form. This natural gel delivers oxygen molecules from the surface of the skin deep into tissue layers. The result? Reversal of hypoxia, oxygen deprivation at a cellular level, which can lead to cell injury and cell death—meaning irritated and wrinkled skin. The gel continues to dispense oxygen to skin cells beyond the initial application.

The product is fragrance-free, chemical-free and additive-free. It comes in Blue and Gold Editions; the gold variety contains pure particles of 24 karat gold.

KAQUN also offers oxygenated bottled drinking water to address hypoxia from the inside, out; it, too, is chemical- and toxin-free. Both products available on Amazon.

We knew they were coming—and they have arrived: a cascade of CBD (cannabidiol) beauty and health products. Everything from makeup to lip balms to serums and ointments, plus a host of edibles, such as fruit rollups, chocolates and more.

So what’s it all about?  Well, CBD is a natural substance obtained from hemp plants said to promote wellness without any psychoactive or intoxicating effects. It is sourced from hemp, which is much different from marijuana—and therefore does not cause a “high.”

Here’s one example of what’s currently available: a new set from CBDistillery, a Balanced Health Botanicals Brand. It contains 30-count, 30 mg Full Spectrum CBD Infused Softgels; 500mg CBD Topical CBD Salve and 25mg CBD Lip Balm.

Emerging research suggests that CBD might be helpful as an anti-aging aid, managing acne, anxiety and other issues, though you should always consult your physician before using any CBD products.

From Key Element skincare comes a new line of products resulting from discoveries in mitochondrial research related to a molecule called “succinate.” Companyt founder Donna Kasseinova found that succinate was the key element in the mitochondria, the energy-producing organelle that also controls the aging process.

She established her research and product development company in 2001 and focused on anti-aging research and the role that Succinic Acid and its derivatives play in our bodies. She developed and oversaw and number of studies and out of this work came the company’s Molecular Rejuvenation Technology, which addresses the two main root causes of aging: cellular energy and central regulation of hormones (mitochondrial and hypothalamic functions).

The resulting product is the Key Element anti-aging skin serums line, which includes one serum for day, one serum for night and a 30-day package that features an anti-aging supplement along with both serums.

If you feel that a lip balm should do more than simply hydrate and sooth your lips, well, then Dr. Lip Bang has a product for you. It’s Lip Bang and it is electrifying! Yes, it’s a lip balm that buzzes, which should keep you bright and alert during that mid-afternoon slump—and will entertain your friends as well.

The line features 100% natural lip balm formula, a blend of pure essential oils in four different shades of build-able, lip color. Do 1 swipe for quick and easy color, 2 swipes for a bolder look, and 3 for maximum coverage.

Doctor Lip Bang’s products are free of synthetic chemicals and harsh preservatives and are never tested on animals.

Playing on the Korean beauty trend of glass skin called Chok Chok, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty has embraced the trend with the new Glass Glow Collection. The two products in the collection are: Glass Glow Face, a multi-use face and body liquid illuminator, and Glass Glow Lip is a lip gloss that gives a mirror-like, reflective look.

Glass Glow Face is a lightweight gel-oil that’s rich in Passion Fruit Oil and Marula Oil to hydrate and protect the skin. It can be used alone or added to any moisturizer, or primer for a flattering gleam.

Glass Glow Lip is a moisturizing, non-tacky lip gloss that contains Vitamin E and locks in shine.

Both products are available at Sephora and come in three shades: Crystal Clear (emollient glow), Spectrum Bronze (bronze glow), and Prism Rose (silky, blush glow).

Success is guaranteed for Glass Glow; Kim Kardashian has already “shared” the products on Instagram.

I love the philosophy behind the Skin Buzz Facial Kit, a beautifully curated organic skincare regimen created by an esthetician (and mom) using bee products such as propolis, royal jelly and beeswax. The line is kid-approved (actually terrific for all ages) and bee-friendly (a portion of profits supports the future of bees).

The 8-piece set includes Clean-Bee Cleanser, Bee-Witched Toner, Bee-You-Tiful Mosturizer, Bee-Safe Mineral Sunscreen, and Coal-Bee Charcoal Mask, a SkinBuzz Headband and a soft Bamboo Face Cloth—all in TSA-approved sizes and packaged in an attractive zippered bag.