2019 is proving to be a pivotal year for the much-loved British heritage fashion brand Belstaff who have made a number of big moves so far. They have made key changes to their stores in Spitalfields, Glasgow and Munich, launched an eye-catching new collection and adopted a new “community-first” approach to retail. The biggest development, however, has been the opening of a stunning new flagship store on London’s iconic Regent Street.

A New Neighbourhood

The new store is found in a beautiful Grade II listed building and places Belstaff next to a handful of long-established stores, popular independent shops and award-winning restaurants. Additionally, it is just a short stroll from the lively Soho district which ensures that there is always a great atmosphere in this part of the capital and an ideal place for retailers with 50 million+ visitors each year.

Regent street Belstaff fashion

Community-First Space 

In addition to finding a new home on one of London’s best shopping streets, Belstaff have turned this into an exciting space which is different from your typical store. The new flagship store is designed to be a community space where people can come to relax, socialise and shop at the same time. It will host a wide range of events, including curated events, screenings, podcast recordings and much more. There is also a class on how you can care for your Belstaff products and even an in-store bar where you can enjoy a freshly prepared G&T and relax in the seating area.

Shop the New Collection & Classics

The Regent Street store will also be the best place to come and view the new Travelogue collection as well as shop the Belstaff timeless classics, such as their iconic Gilets and leather jackets. It covers an impressive 2077 square feet with an interior that reflects the brand’s industrial origins along with a beautiful bespoke brass and timber stairwell.

A New Chapter

This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Belstaff with the new flagship store being deemed their “most important retail project to date”. Veronica Jurkovic is the general manager of the London stores and has been a key figure in embracing the new “community first” approach that the brand has adopted to transform the shopping experience for the modern-day consumer and to encourage people to come in-store as opposed to shop online.

It has been a huge year for Belstaff who have made big changes to a handful of their stores to fall in line with their new philosophy. The headline change, however, has been the opening of their new flagship store in Regent Street, which will be a community hub and provide an entirely new retail experience for customers. It is the start of a new era for the nearly 100-year-old brand with the new store certainly being worth a visit.