Best Sports Films Of All Time

Best Sports Films Of All Time

A graphic from shows that boxing films are a weight-class above productions about other sports when it comes to big earnings and strong reviews.

Sports are about more than watching one team or player win or lose. Supporting competitors can be family traditions, places to find new friends, or even a life-defining event. So it’s only fitting that sports films are popular – they can carry with them a deep love of a sport.

But which ones are the most genre-defining? Or which ones surpass the genre entirely? Newresearch from has found the sports films which had the highest success at the box office, had the highest review scores, and won the most awards.

Hard-Hitting Slam Dunks

Overall, boxing films had the most significant presence in the top films of all the sports. The graphic also shows the best films for each sport – these were the number ones:

  • Million Dollar Baby – Boxing – Directed by Clint Eastwood, the film follows Frankie Dunn as he attempts to put his past behind him.
  • Moneyball – Baseball – Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill play general managers attempting to put together a winning baseball team on a limited budget.
  • Hoop Dreams – Basketball – A documentary film tracking two African-American high school students who dream of becoming basketball players.
  • Jerry Maguire – American Football – Rom-Com as well as sports film, Tom Cruise sets out to start a sports management company free of dishonesty, and finds love along the way.
  • Senna – Motor-Racing – Another documentary, Senna follows the life and unexpected death of Brazilian champion Aryton Senna.
  • Match Point – Tennis – More psychological thriller than straight sports film, Match Point deals with wealth, social standing, and lust.
  • Bend It Like Beckham – Football – Parminder Nagra plays a girl with a love of football, playing her way to the top despite her parents’ wishes.
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played – Golf – A biographical film, following the early life of golf champion Francis Ouimet.

boxing films

For more of the world’s best sports films, see the full infographic on here.

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